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Try to guess Dota 2 heroes created by Artificial Intelligence
There are already several thousand items published on the Steam Workshop, and they are all created by the Dota 2 community - players just like you. If you already have the game client installed, the Steam Workshop makes it easier than ever to submit finished models or images to the community. Each creation can not only get into the game, but also generate income from sales in the Dota 2 store.
Who is the nerdiest Invoker "keyboard-clicker" worldwide?
This is similar to Invoker Trainer if you're acquainted with it, but with a better design and personal high scores. Therefore, we have a new app where doters can challenge to realize who is the fastest Invoker in the world.
Eight heroes picked or banned 0 times at TI11
The International 2022 has already ended. And this means that it's time to go through the statistics of the TI11 participating teams, survey at the TI11 meta, and observe the qualifier statistics. This year has certainly turned out to be disgusting, but you didn’t think that would leave you without a traditional review of the stats?
Dota fans proposed the concept of a new hero - Mycena
Reddit user "cristinavidalart" presented the concept art of a new hero for Dota 2. The character was named Mycena, the gamer also created lore for him.