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Try to guess Dota 2 heroes created by Artificial Intelligence
There are already several thousand items published on the Steam Workshop, and they are all created by the Dota 2 community - players just like you. If you already have the game client installed, the Steam Workshop makes it easier than ever to submit finished models or images to the community. Each creation can not only get into the game, but also generate income from sales in the Dota 2 store.
Alleria Windrunner Dota 2 cosplay by feyischecosplay
Alleria Windrunner Dota 2 cosplay by feyischecosplay
Agile and sly, Windranger is always on the lookout for the right moment to attack. She is constantly on the move - even when clearing a path with a deadly shot or tying up enemies to stab them with arrows.