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Valve officially announced the hosts of DPC Major Season 2023
Previously, Valve announced the beginning of a fantasy league for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit Winter Tour 2023. The announcement was published on the developers' website.
Gorgc confirms IceFrog rumors about 7.33 "BIG patch"
Moreover, streamer said that he realized this information quite earlier than Skiter. However, he did not take this information to the public because he feared community reaction. Hopefully, now Dota fans are waiting for a massive patch.
How professional players cheat with bets in Dota 2 tournaments
There have been rumors that the developers of Dota 2 will ban more professional players in the near future. By the way, in addition to the players, Valve did not forget about the ordinary abusers, who through the sandbox fill the MMR on accounts and sell them.
Dota Plus Winter Treasure update released
The seasonal change brought about nothing exceptional; everything remained the same. In the Dota Plus winter formation, service subscribers can look forward to seasonal wealth, updated seasonal tasks, and guild prizes.
Patch 7.32d added to Dota 2
Valve released patch 7.32d today. Many professional players and casters were disappointed with the update, as the changes turned out to be minor. Leshrac and Broodmother were the most affected by the update - the percentage of wins of both heroes in matchmaking fell by 3% in less than a day.
Dota 2 best Arcana that looks awesome
Dota 2 best Arcana that looks awesome
Isn't it true that you gave an arm and a leg for Pudge Arcana? Arcana changes skill animations, adds new icons, and makes the wearer look terrible and spectacular, thanks to the unusual movements for heroes. However, recently, Valve gave us the bonus of choosing any Arcana for free. But was it worth it?
Valve fixed a vulnerability that allowed spamming group invites in Dota menu
Valve has released a patch that fixed the team invite spam issue. The vulnerability was discovered in early September. During this time, the attackers managed to prevent many Dota 2 streamers.
Valve announced the release of True Sight TI10
Valve has announced the premiere time of True Sight dedicated to The International 10 (2021) Dota 2 grand final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit. Information was published on Twitter.
Valve hired outsourced tech support to manage Dota 2
Valve is hiring third-party contractors for Dota 2 technical support. This was revealed after macOS users encountered a problem launching the Dota client - players reported this error to the developers using a bug tracker. The problem was solved by a user with the nickname "danginsburg", whose profile indicated that he worked for the Boston company Upsample Software.