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NaVi CS:GO roster miss IEM Cologne main tour first time in history
The Ukrainian team has flown in the CS:GO world for over a decade, but with NAVI's unexpected elimination from the IEM Cologne 2023 group stage today, they will have to watch the remainder of the competition from the stands. Astralis defeated Natus Vincere 2-1 (25-23 Ancient, 9-16 Nuke, 16-12 Overpass) in the bottom bracket of Group B, securing the last slot in the IEM Cologne playoffs.
P2000 is in dire need of buffs in CS2 immediately
This week, we learned just how far behind the P2000 has fallen as Counter-Strike's starting pistol of last resort. The USP-S is the dominant pistol in the CS:GO arena, and the forgotten weapon is one of two CT default weapons alongside it.
PGL starts ticket sales for CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024
PGL has begun selling tickets for the first CS2 Major, scheduled to take place in Copenhagen in March 2024, as was previously announced on June 12th. The Royal Arena, which has already held many BLAST Fall Finals events and has a maximum capacity of 16,000 people, will serve as the site of four playoff days (March 28-31).
CS:GO Major stickers from FaZe are now more valuable than business stocks
Due to FaZe Clan's financial difficulties, some of the company's lowest CSGO Major stickers are now worth more than its stock.
FireLeague orgs announced a new challenge in Argentina
While teams from the Americas and Europe compete in qualifying for the Global Finals, Imperial and 9z will square off in the Argentine capital. The third Global Finals, the TO's second after becoming global in 2022, as well as FiReLEAGUE Battle, a one-time event, have also been confirmed.
IEM Rio Major 2023 best highlights of the first challenge stage
Watch our live coverage of the action at IEM Rio, the first tier-one event after the Major qualifications. See the best topics, the player of the day, and the highlights from IEM Rio's first competitive stage.
How much does ropz from FaZe Clan earn for a month?
Finances are an important factor, because of which many become cybersportsmen. One of the Reddit users managed to find out the exact income of ropz for 2022. This is not classified information: everything is available from open sources. Recently, the Estonian reported on the income of his company, which he registered before joining Faze.
CS:GO reshuffles rumors 2023
CS:GO reshuffles rumors 2023
Every season starts and ends with the same thing. A roster update is not unusual, but all spectators, players, and organizations follow it. This season has been full of emotions, conflicts, and shocking news. Unsurprisingly, we will see a lot of reshuffles in 2023.
Imperial eSports vs. Cloud9: IEM Rio Major 2022 match analysis
Imperial eSports vs. Cloud9: IEM Rio Major 2022 match analysis
Imperial Esports is a team assembled by the legendary Brazilian player Gabriel FalleN Toledo, who rose from the bottom of the professional scene for a long time and persevered all the way to the Major Challenger Stage. Everyone was well aware that, having played at the home Rio Major and showing a decent game, FalleN would most likely end his professional career at such a pleasant moment. Who has earned the right to go first? Write what you think about this. Let’s begin!