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Imperial eSports vs. Cloud9: IEM Rio Major 2022 match analysis
Imperial eSports vs. Cloud9: IEM Rio Major 2022 match analysis
Imperial Esports is a team assembled by the legendary Brazilian player Gabriel FalleN Toledo, who rose from the bottom of the professional scene for a long time and persevered all the way to the Major Challenger Stage. Everyone was well aware that, having played at the home Rio Major and showing a decent game, FalleN would most likely end his professional career at such a pleasant moment. Who has earned the right to go first? Write what you think about this. Let’s begin!
Imperial eSports prepares for reshuffle season
The FalleN roster's most recent tournament was the IEM Rio Major 2022. The team took 23-24th place there, earning $10,000. That's why this is the real reason for possible "switchovers" for Brazilians.
Team Vitality vs Imperial eSports - who's a real boss of Rio Major: predictions
Can the legends of Brazil be able to stun opponents in his debut against Vitality, or will Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo show the world what he can still do? Vitality has the second-best player in the world, three major champions, and the most legendary coach of all time. It would be a huge fail if they couldn't beat Imperial, but we'll see. As usual for the BO1 format, there is a place for frustration, but I believe that we will not see it here.
ESIC took away ban from Team Spirit coach
The eSports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has unbanned Team Spirit's CS:GO roster coach Sergey "hally" Shavaev. This was announced on TS official Twitter page. Team Spirit filed an appeal a few months ago. ESIC decided to remove the ban from Shavaev on September 4th. Representatives of the eSports Integrity Commission have not yet officially announced the decision.