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KennyS, Kyojin, Oskar: latest reshuffles in CS:GO
KennyS, Kyojin, Oskar: latest reshuffles in CS:GO
December is the end of the CS:GO season. And this means that soon we will be waiting for a new hot start to the competitive year. Team changes are a must for success. Each player must feel comfortable; without this, there will be no team play. It was expected that this end of the season would be no exception, and we already see a lot of reshuffles in the teams.
Eternal Fire captain left the team after failing to qualify for IEM Rio Major 2022
Turkish organization Eternal Fire in their social networks announced the end of cooperation with the captain of the squad, Enzhin "MAJ3R" Kupeli. The 31-year-old esportsman leaves the team three months after signing the contract.