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How much money do s1mple and other players get? What is the salary of the coaching staff? How many millions of dollars does the NaVi organization get each year? One hundred twenty cars, the Ukrainian army, sponsorship. You'll find out about all of this today.
NaVi CS:GO rifler divorced with his wife
NaVi's fans noticed in comments that it could be one of the reasons that Elec plays bad because Ukrainian eSports club changed a lot of stuff this year, and losing lots of tournaments could be a demoralising factor too.
How to play supreme level CS:GO: Perfecto and m0NESY tutorial
John Dow
September 30, 2022
How to play supreme level CS:GO: Perfecto and m0NESY tutorial
Is it challenging to be a professional player? Didn't you think about it? Behind every big victory is a lot of work on yourself. Experienced players are also an example of this. Constant training and work on yourself to develop your skills and much more. On the one hand, you can warm up right during the game, as many people think, but I will disappoint you - it's not as easy as it seems. A lot of sprays would be shot in point if your muscles were warmed up, and a lot of decisions in the game you would make right if your brain was prepared. And this is just a warm-up. Success is 10% talent and 90% work; think about it.