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CS:GO teams mascots and amulets
CS:GO teams mascots and amulets
More and more professional players began to notice plush items on their tables. In their opinion, these are the mascots that help them play better. We will tell you who was spotted using soft power. Let's find out who was seen with such talismans!
NaVi CS:GO rifler divorced with his wife
NaVi's fans noticed in comments that it could be one of the reasons that Elec plays bad because Ukrainian eSports club changed a lot of stuff this year, and losing lots of tournaments could be a demoralising factor too.
What CS:GO team has the most earnings in 2022?
Karigan & Co. won the Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Katowice, the ESL Pro League Season 15, the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, the Intel Extreme Masters XVII - Cologne, and the Intel Extreme Masters Road to Rio 2022: European RMR A in 2022. They also finished second at the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022.
NaVi CS:GO rifler may date with club's YouTube hostess: rumors
From time to time, the guys themselves joke about this topic: during the ESL Pro League Season 16, someone left a note “I love you, Perfecto”. Tonya in the vlog, assured that it was not her. Tonya commented on the rumors quite recently, on September 22 that people believe what they like.
Ex-NaVi CS:GO player bet on France and lost 4500$ cause "Mbappe has the same birthday date"
Kirill Mikhailov, also known as BoombI4, was removed from the Natus Vincere roster following the PGL Major Antwerp, the first major CS:GO tournament in 2022. On it, the NaVi team led by Mikhailov took second place, losing to FaZe Clan in the final.
NaVi vs FURIA: IEM Rio Major 2022 review
NaVi vs FURIA: IEM Rio Major 2022 review
The most anticipated match in the current stage of the IEM Rio Major 2022. NaVi is against the entire stadium, against the whole spirit of Brazil. Someone ahead of schedule calls this match an unofficial ending. Before the game, s1mple gave a provocative interview in which he confidently spoke of a guaranteed victory. The audience remembered this and began to show their discontent as soon as they saw the Ukrainian team. Honestly, it was one of the unluckiest games of Navi, but it is not the main reason!
NaVi intends to construct a totally Ukrainian CS:GO roster
Ukrainian esports organization NaVi is preparing to make changes to its CS:GO roster, saying “goodbye” to sdy. It is expected that the fifth player will be npl, who has been playing for the youth roster of NaVi Junior for a year now.
NIP eliminated NaVi from BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Aleksib's team is still trying to win the Fall Final title and earn a spot in the World Final at the end of the year. The semi-final game will take place against FaZe in front of a live crowd on Saturday at 8:00 pm inside the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.
NaVi got the first victory in debut match at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
The Ukrainian team will now square off against the winner of Liquid and G2's match in the upper-bracket championship, while Fluxo will take on the contest's loser on Thursday. And, maybe, Nipl will play "several maps" in the World Final, according to B1ad3 comments.
Nipl can join NaVi if team parts way with sdy
Nipl, the current NaVi Junior player, is the leading candidate to replace SDY. Together with the youth team of Born to Win, the 17-year-old Ukrainian became the champion of ROG #StandWithUkraine Cup Summer 2022, and also took third place in the WePlay Academy League Season 6.
NaVi became the most popular team of IEM Rio Major 2022
Note that the most popular meeting of IEM Rio Major 2022 was the quarterfinal between the teams FURIA and NAVI, which scored over 1,428,000 spectators at the peak.
Shigetsu, young G, Malik and Malady will join NaVi
At the moment, NaVi eSports club has not made any announcements regarding the Dota 2 roster. It is possible that the club is still testing different players. Apparently, in addition to No[o]ne and Solo, V-Tune and laise will leave the team.
Team Vitality beat FaZe Clan and NaVi lost to Cloud9 at IEM Rio Major 2022
By defeating FaZe 16-6 on Inferno, Vitality have bounced back from their triple-overtime defeat to Natus Vincere on the first day of the IEM Rio Major Legends Stage, leaving the PGL Major Antwerp champions on the verge of elimination only one day into their title-defending campaign.
NaVi beat Vitality and Heroic defeat Outsiders at IEM Rio Major 2022
“S1mple” in the clash of the titans, defeated Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. In the second round, Cloud9 will face Natus Vincere regardless of other outcomes, setting up their first meeting of the year, while FaZe and Vitality will face off in the 0-1 matchup.
NaVi – G2: step before semifinal EPL 2022
NaVi – G2: step before semifinal EPL 2022
The volcanic match between CS:GO "Titans" NaVi - G2. Could the NAVI haven't been defeated? It seems to me that G2 eSports broke the morale of the Ukrainian organization, that's what exactly happened. The insane mood of the rivals, the desire to win and prove to the whole world their importance, all this - is present in this confrontation.