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CS:GO teams mascots and amulets
CS:GO teams mascots and amulets
More and more professional players began to notice plush items on their tables. In their opinion, these are the mascots that help them play better. We will tell you who was spotted using soft power. Let's find out who was seen with such talismans!
Heroic defeated NIP at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
The team led by cadiaN arrived to the BLAST event on home soil, a stronghold for Astralis and their supporters, as the only Danish participant this time. After a fantastic campaign at the IEM Rio Major, where they advanced to the championship match and achieved a new milestone on Counter-Strike's stage, they want to take the final cup.
NIP and Astralis agreed to transfer device for €600,000
Esports clubs NIP and Astralis have reached an agreement on the transfer of Nikolai "device" Reedtz. has learned that the Danish club will pay around €600,000 for the player.
NIP through the years
John Dow
September 29, 2022
NIP through the years
The top CS:Source and CS.1.6 players in Sweden were asked to join the squad in August 2012 by Emil «Heaton» Christensen. After signing contracts with Ninjas in Pyjamas, Christopher «GeT RiGhT» Alesund, Patrik «f0rest» Lindberg, Adam «friberg» Freiberg, Richard «xizt» Landström, and Robin «Fifflaren» Johansson created history.
phzy: I've played a lot at Tier-1 but still not good enough for top
Former NIP player Love "phzy" Smidebrant, who recently joined the Sangal roster, was interviewed by Neo "Ne0kai" Kane. During the conversation, the Swede talked about why he chose Sangal as an option to continue his career, and admitted that at the moment the experience he gained at the tier-1 level is not enough to play for a stronger team.
SPUNJ: NIP is out of title contenders for a long time
Esports analyst and commentator Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill shared his opinion on the transition of Aleksi Virolainen from G2 to NIP on the Talking Counter podcast. He believes that under the leadership of the new captain, the “ninjas” will take a long time to change roles, which in turn will permanently cross out the composition from the list of contenders for victories in major tournaments.
Aleksib became a NIP player
Finnish CS:GO eSportsman Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen has joined the Ninjas in Pajamas CS:GO roster. "Aleksib" will replace Nicholas "Plopski" Gonzalez Zamora. Management announced that "Virolainen" would become team captain and the entire roster would switch to English.