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Reddit user showed how to "crash" Riki's Smoke Screen
Dota is well known for having elements that other games might see as bugs. The Dota developers claim that if anything isn't classified as a bug, it is considered a feature. Even though some "features" have become a part of the Dota culture, there have been many bugs that have made the game less fun.
Reddit user created Dota heroes posters with Midjourney neural network
Before this, realistic posters appeared on Reddit with other Dota characters. Windranger, Void Spirit and Pudge. Another gamer drew images of Crystal Maiden, Lich and other MOBA heroes. Try to guess "who si who" and text below in comments!
Reddit users revealed super rare feature for Axe players
Doters claim that for the first time, such a feature of the interaction of the ability with this item was discovered a few months ago. Since then, Valve has released several updates with bug fixes, but has not changed this mechanic.
Reddit fan asks Valve to implement players overwatch summary in Dota
Having some evidence that the general gamers of this option are benefiting from their efforts would be a fantastic way to motivate them. The option that encourages overwatch use. Additionally, it will make us feel good to lock up the ruiners or save the innocent novice who is still learning.
Reddit fans complain about suspiciously games on Moon Studio Campfire
Previously, rumors appeared on the network that Moon Studio, a company that has been organizing online tournaments for a long time, had been sold to new non-public owners from China.
Reddit users complained about Russian cheaters who abused malware to disclose opponent's last pick
Reddit users cited several examples of cheaters admitting to using third-party programs. Gamers advised not to rush the last pick in order to force the cheater to pick the hero first.
Reddit user revealed Shadow Demon bug that steals your skill point
So, if you purchase Aghanim's Shard, which has level 2 Demonic Purge, and use skillpoint on it, it will steal your skillpoint for the rest of the match.
Reddit CS:GO fan made a birth cake in the form of Nuke map
Some redditors texted that they respected the effort and outcome of the cake creator. However, fans are perplexed as to how the floor was baked and why it functions as a light source.
Reddit users proposed to add Aethereal Disc and Maegelus to the next 7.33 patch
Post with these artifacts concept has already collected 200+ comments, and maybe Valve pays attention on fans proposals.
Reddit user revealed the "deadliest" hero combo that can destroy enemies in 1-click
Do you prefer to play Grimstroke in the present-day meta? Do you think this hero is the most lethal? Idk. The names Lich, Witch Doctor, and Lion with Lina come to mind. In fact, if you get Tinker under Grim and buy Aghanim, heroes die when you press one button. This is the cruelest and most impressive combination.It isn't an ordinary joke!
Reddit users found a new vulnerability that crashes Dota
Hackers have found a new vulnerability in Dota 2 that makes it impossible for streamers to start searching for the game. Analyst Alexandra "sheepsticked" Roberts told about this on Reddit.