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Silencer got on top of win rate in Dotabuff after the release of patch 7.32c
After the release of Dota 2 patch 7.32c, which was added to the game on the night of September 28, Silencer's win rate in matchmaking increased by 3.07% and amounted to 55.79%, which is the highest among all characters.
Tiny and Silencer – underrated or overvalued heroes?
Tiny and Silencer – underrated or overvalued heroes?
TI11 quals ended, so the meta of patch 7.32 (plus updates) is finally rooted. Indeed, Dotabaff’s stats show, that the number of heroes with positive win rate increases, and some of their spells reworked thus volcanic, which allows you to win public games on easy mode. Let’s make a little observe a few of these chars.