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How can I barely escape herald?
How can I barely escape herald?
Increasing MMR points will be relevant for a long time, probably until it is removed from Dota 2 or replaced by something else. Players will always wonder how to properly and effectively increase their MMR. If you want to play with good players, not noobs, and have an excellent rating. Try to do a few things, which I described below. If you set a goal - to raise solo MMR, then you need to know how the matchmaking rating system works: if you win, you get +30, if you don't, then -30 (sometimes more, sometimes less.) So, it turns out that you should win more often than lose, and then you should figure out what and how to do that.
Silencer got on top of win rate in Dotabuff after the release of patch 7.32c
After the release of Dota 2 patch 7.32c, which was added to the game on the night of September 28, Silencer's win rate in matchmaking increased by 3.07% and amounted to 55.79%, which is the highest among all characters.