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Basics that beginners have to know before start playing CS:GO
Basics that beginners have to know before start playing CS:GO
Hi yall! CS:GO has a high entry threshold for new players; it will be hard to learn everything quickly if you have never played CS games. This article is designed to quickly introduce newcomers to CS: GO's active and fast-paced lifestyle. Here you can find step-by-step tips and instructions on: How? What? Why? For what? Experienced players aren't likely to find something new here, but repeating the basics for your confidence is always challenging.
Gabe Follower created an animated CS:GO sticker
One of the most well-known content-maker in the CS:GO community, Gabe Follower, has added a new sticker with an animation effect to the Steam Workshop. The work is done in the form of a carousel of skins when opening a case.