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Team Spirit vs. Cloud9: match for "Legends" stage
Team Spirit vs. Cloud9: match for "Legends" stage
Were the Dragons able to jump over the –°louds? Is Sh1ro in the highlights again? Find out all about this in our article. Three incredible maps with an unexpected ending. Cloud9 weren`t ready for their pick, or even ready at all. What do you think is the issue: the coaching staff or the players' mood? Looking at Spirit, there is no particular surprise in their game. Not their best match recently.
Heroic eliminated Team Spirit from IEM Rio Major 2022
Spirit exits the Rio Major tournament in 5-8th position, bringing an end to their campaign there. Early on both maps, they held the upper hand, but their failure to take an advantage eventually caused them to leave the Major. Zhdanov led his squad and shone on both maps, but ultimately his efforts weren't enough to keep Spirit in Rio.
Team Spirit and MOUZ earned first victory points at IEM Rio Major 2022
The Major has resumed after a day of rest with the commencement of the Legends Stage. MOUZ defeated Liquid 16-2 on Inferno, carrying on their excellent performance from the immaculate Challengers Stage victory. The only participant from North America is now in the 0-1 pool and will try to regroup before their second test later in the day.
Valve introduced Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players voices to the Battle Pass 2022
Valve has added new in-game chat wheel voice lines to Dota 2 for Battle Pass 2022 owners. Battle Pass owners can get Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players from True Sight to talk about The International 10 (2021) finale.
Perfecto told about pros and cons of team Team Spirit at ESL Pro League 16
Natus Vincere player Ilya "Perfecto" Zalutsky spoke about the opponents at the ESL Pro League Season 16 CS:GO group stage in the official club's vlog.