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Valve introduced Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players voices to the Battle Pass 2022
Valve has added new in-game chat wheel voice lines to Dota 2 for Battle Pass 2022 owners. Battle Pass owners can get Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players from True Sight to talk about The International 10 (2021) finale.
Iceberg: We laughed how Team Spirit played in TI10 quals
Professional Dota 2 player Bogdan "Iceberg" Vasilenko spoke about the progress of Team Spirit. The esportsman shared his opinion while watching the film True Sight about the grand final of The International 10 on a personal broadcast.
Gorgc: This True Sight is pretty good too, I give it a 7-8
Team Bald Reborn player Jean "Gorgc" Stefanovski shared his impressions after watching True Sight about Team Spirit's victory at The International 2021.
Ephey: True Sight continues to be the best content in eSports industry
Dota 2 commentator and analyst Mira "Ephey" Riad shared her emotions after watching True Sight dedicated to The International 2021 grand finals. She noted on Twitter that no esports content can be compared to Valve documentaries.
Mira after victory at TI10: What to do next? Take the second TI
It became known what the Team Spirit players discussed after winning The International 2021 in Dota 2. While leaving the stadium, Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naydenov wondered what he would do after this success. Miroslav "Mira" Kolpakov answered that he needed to win another TI.
Valve announced the release of True Sight TI10
Valve has announced the premiere time of True Sight dedicated to The International 10 (2021) Dota 2 grand final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit. Information was published on Twitter.