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SUNSfan and syndereN about Valve's attitude, Dota 2 future and community
SUNSfan and syndereN about Valve's attitude, Dota 2 future and community
Professional eSports analysts Troels "syndereN" Nielsen and Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten shared their impressions over Dota 2 future and patch 7.32 as part of the We Say Things podcast.
True Sight: TI10 Finals - what a storyline!
True Sight: TI10 Finals - what a storyline!
Recently, Valve revealed True Sight documentary dedicated to The International 10 (2021) Dota 2 Grand Final between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. Everybody could watch the live broadcast of the painting on the official Dota 2 Twitch and YouTube channels. TI10 took place from October 7th to 17th in Bucharest, Romania. 18 teams competed for more than $40 million. In the final, Team Spirit defeated PSG.LGD 3:2 and earned $18.2 million.
OG CEO: Valve won't release True Sight about TI11
Valve may refuse to create True Sight about The International 2022 for Dota 2. OG CEO JMR Luna spoke about this in the Monkey Business podcast, as well as Ex-OG player Johan "n0tail" Sundstein.
Gorgc: This True Sight is pretty good too, I give it a 7-8
Team Bald Reborn player Jean "Gorgc" Stefanovski shared his impressions after watching True Sight about Team Spirit's victory at The International 2021.
Ephey: True Sight continues to be the best content in eSports industry
Dota 2 commentator and analyst Mira "Ephey" Riad shared her emotions after watching True Sight dedicated to The International 2021 grand finals. She noted on Twitter that no esports content can be compared to Valve documentaries.
Valve released a full version of True Sight about the TI8 Grand Finals
Valve has released an extended episode of the True Sight documentary series dedicated to the final match of The International 2018 between the OG and PSG.LGD.