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TORONTOTOKYO left Team Spirit
Who will replace TORONTOTOKYO as part of Team Spirit is not reported. Club representatives promised to share the news in the coming days.
Capitalist on Mira, TORONTOTOKYO and Team Spirit at TI11
Capitalist on Mira, TORONTOTOKYO and Team Spirit at TI11
Professional commentator Austin "Capitalist" Walsh shared his impressions of True Sight, dedicated to The International 2021 grand final between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD, as part of the "Side Pull" podcast, and also assessed the level of competition at The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifiers.
TORONTOTOKYO: "Collapse is a real TI10 MVP"
Russian mid player of the Team Spirit Dota 2 roster Alexander TORONTOTOKYO Khertek named the most valuable player at The International 10 (2021). A moment from the esportsman's stream has been published on his Twitch channel.