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Leetify revealed CS:GO maps with the biggest amount of cheaters
Cheaters in CS:GO often play on Mirage, Office and Dust2. The statistics, based on an analysis of more than 5 million accounts, was published on Leetify's Twitter service.
CS:GO banned the most expensive inventory account in the game
The owner of one of the largest collections of skins in CS:GO with the nickname Seacat received a block from the developers. According to the description of the block, Seacat can use his Steam account and access purchased games. However, he may be prohibited from participating in online CS:GO matches and/or trading items from the shooter. Seacat may appeal the ban by contacting Valve.
Big CS:GO VAC ban wave will happen today
Professional CS:GO analyst Maxim "Gabe Follower" Poletaev said that CS:GO will face a big wave of bans due to the discovery of private programs for cheaters. The insider shared the information on Twitter.
CS:GO eSportsman got ban during the tournament
Estonian SC player Alvar "consss" Raman received a CS:GO account ban. His account was banned based on the Patrol's investigation. Estonian said that the block was imposed on his account during the tournament, and called it a mistake. At the time of publication of the material, the esports team is participating in the closed qualifier for CCT Central Europe Series 2 with a replacement.