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YNk: FURIA should get rid of arT and learn normal tactics
Esports analyst Janko "YNk" Paunovic criticized FURIA after its elimination from ESL Pro League Season 16. On the air of the English-language tournament coverage studio, he drew attention to the team's poor tactical preparation and suggested that the results of the Brazilians could improve if they fire captain Andrey "arT" Piovesan.
NaVi vs. Outsiders: post-analysis of semi-final of TI11 CIS quals
NaVi vs. Outsiders: post-analysis of semi-final of TI11 CIS quals
Navi vs. Outsiders (VP) is the usual derby between these teams in CIS region. And it's in the TI11 qualifiers that they'll face off against each other. Or rather, there was already a match, and Outsiders (VP) won. Unfortunately for Outsiders (VP), they were beaten by Team BetBoom. The Russian club beat NaVi with a score of 2-0. Therefore, they will play in the Last Chance stage at The International 2022.