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Why won't the prize pool of this TI break the record?
Why won't the prize pool of this TI break the record?
The International is a Dota 2 tournament that millions of fans around the world are waiting for every year. For a whole year, esports fans have been looking forward to seeing the best Dota 2 teams on the planet compete. From the very beginning, this tournament has gained the largest prize pool among all esports tournaments that have ever been held. This trend has grown every year, from TI1 from the first million dollars to TI10 - a crazy $40 million for participants. The TI10 Anniversary was a unique competition, a unique path for their Team Spirit winners, and a unique amount of prize money.
Valve finally releases Faceless Void Arcana
Tonight, Valve added a Battle Pass to Dota 2, which contains an Arcana on Faceless called Claszian Apostasy. The Arcana will be available to all owners of the new Battle Pass at level 495. Previously Valve promised to add Void's Arcana a few years ago.