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Valve released the second part of the Battle Pass
Everyone is already tired for the second part of BP! Battle Pass can be purchased or obtained for free thanks to the souvenir bag, but you will still have to pay for new levels. The main feature of the pass is that only Valve earns from the second part, and TI members do not get anything from it. Whoever had doubts?
Bundle with 120 Battle Pass levels became available in Dota 2
Today Valve released a set with additional levels for the Battle Pass and treasures Ageless Heirloom and Immortal of the first and second series.
TI11 Battle Pass sales exceed 1.3 million units
Just over a month after the release of The International 2022 Battle Pass, Dota 2 fans have purchased over 1.3 million copies of the Battle Pass. Statistics provided by the site STRATZ.com.
Average online Dota 2 reaches the highest index in September
Over the past 30 days, the average online Dota 2 amounted to 498 thousand people - this is the best result since June 2019. Then this figure reached 507 thousand users. Statistics provided by Steam Charts.
SUNSfan introduced a new custom mode in Dota
American analyst and commentator Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten has unveiled a new custom mode in Dota 2 called Ability Arena in the auto-battler genre. In this mode, you need to buy one of 100 abilities (there are 150 in total in the game, 50 are randomly banned in each game), presented in 20 copies each. Buying copies increases the level of the basic skill and strengthens it.
Why won't the prize pool of this TI break the record?
Why won't the prize pool of this TI break the record?
The International is a Dota 2 tournament that millions of fans around the world are waiting for every year. For a whole year, esports fans have been looking forward to seeing the best Dota 2 teams on the planet compete. From the very beginning, this tournament has gained the largest prize pool among all esports tournaments that have ever been held. This trend has grown every year, from TI1 from the first million dollars to TI10 - a crazy $40 million for participants. The TI10 Anniversary was a unique competition, a unique path for their Team Spirit winners, and a unique amount of prize money.
Dota fans criticize Phantom Assassin's new Arcana
Reddit users are massively criticizing Dota 2 developers for the quality of Exile Unveiled's alternate Arcana for Phantom Assassin.
Valve added Phantom Assassin Arcana to Battle Pass 2022
The Exile Unveiled cosmetic item for Phantom Assassin has become available in Dota 2. The fact that a new personality for the hero has been added to the game client was announced by the developers on the official website.
The International 2022 prize pool exceeded $11 million
The International 2022 prize pool has surpassed the $11 million mark. Since the release of the new Battle Pass, the community has managed to increase the initial prize pool ($1.6 million) by 588%.
Dota 2 fans found a bug with a double MMR bet
One of the Battle Pass rewards, the Double Rating Bet Token, only works if you lose. Reddit users are complaining about the problem en masse. A user named noodlesfordaddy reminded the developers that part of the Battle Pass 2022 functionality does not work in the game. He collected several threads on Reddit complaining about the incorrect operation of the double rating bet tokens, and also provided a link to the Double Down bug report on Github.
Battle Pass 2022 raised less money than any other Compendium in the history of Dota 2
On the eleventh day after the release of the Battle Pass, The International 2022 prize pool increased by $148,000, the worst daily figure in the history of the Battle Pass in Dota 2.
Dota 2 fans bought over a million copies of Ti11 Battle Pass
Dota 2 fans have purchased over a million Battle Passes for The International 2022, with 1,086,810 Battle Pass copies sold at the time of publication. At the same time, only 439 thousand players reached level 75 of BP, and 64 thousand users reached level 225.
TI11 prize pool exceeds $10 million
The prize fund of The International 2022 has exceeded 10 million US dollars. In about seven days since the release of the new Battle Pass, the community has managed to increase the starting prize pool ($1.6 million) by 525%.
Valve added the Autumnal Treasure 2022 to Dota
On the night of September 6-7, a small update was released. Valve has changed some of the items in the new treasure - the Autumnal Treasure 2022. Treasure can be purchased from the Dota Plus Shard Shop for 12,000 Shards. It is available to everyone, the treasury and its contents cannot be exchanged or sold.
The International 11 prize pool exceeds $9 million
The International 2022 prize pool has surpassed $9 million. In the three and a half days since the release of the new Battle Pass, the community has managed to increase the initial prize pool ($1.6 million) by 462%. You can survey more info on dota.prizetrac.kr.