Everything truly about Dota 2 Lima Major and eSport games in details

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Arteezy won a match with zero frags first in his career
BetBoom unexpectedly lost to Shopify Rebellion. And not to a "no-name" team, but to an ex-TI champion with zero kills in 45 minutes of play! Arteezy finished the game against BetBoom with a score of 0/4/13. In addition, for 45 minutes, Arthur dealt as much as 493 points of damage to the opponents' towers.
Dota 2 Lima Major tickets were sold out in 9 minutes
In the first wave, tickets were sold at the lowest price. The cost of attending one day of the playoffs on Thursday or Friday was $37, and on Saturday or Sunday - $42. A VIP ticket for the whole week could be purchased for $132.