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The best Dota 2 cosplay
The best Dota 2 cosplay
Cosplay is an integral part of the Dota community, every year there are cosplay contests at TI, and at some Majors. Moreover, images of Dota heroes can be found at various anime and gaming festivals. Although in recent years, Valve has not really pleased us with large-scale cosplay events, maybe it is due to the situation in the world, or the lack of interest of the company in this, but I hope that after TI11 it will change. What is your view?
Valve introduced Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players voices to the Battle Pass 2022
Valve has added new in-game chat wheel voice lines to Dota 2 for Battle Pass 2022 owners. Battle Pass owners can get Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players from True Sight to talk about The International 10 (2021) finale.
Valve announced the release of True Sight TI10
Valve has announced the premiere time of True Sight dedicated to The International 10 (2021) Dota 2 grand final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit. Information was published on Twitter.
Team Liquid won first match at TI11 Western Europe quals
Team Liquid defeated DGG Esports in the opening match of the European qualifiers for The International 2022 in Dota 2. The confrontation ended with a score of 2:0.