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Xtreme Gaming – the strongest team in LCQ right now?
Xtreme Gaming – the strongest team in LCQ right now?
From the beginning, the recognition of MMORPG China region has been dominant among other regions. As history has shown, Dota 2 did not become exceptional, and Chinese vulnerabilities did not turn out to be stronger among all the others on time exceptions, one has only to remember the absolute hegemony of the probability of occurrence of signs in 2014 and 2016. Almost every year, fans of the Chinese region have one or two teams that almost never go into the skills of other teams from other regions: once they were Vici Gaming, Wings, Newbee, LGD, LGD Forever Young. Each such team had a chance to get the coveted The International Cup - some teams found it, and some, although they didn’t find it, were very close. PSG.LGD is a team that stands out for a very high level of play and makes fans fall in love with its unmistakable game at speeds, but so far, all of them are ahead in the last three years of performances in vain.
Iceiceice about Team Secret: Being the Secret player, I upgraded them
Singaporean esportsman Daryl "iceiceice" Koh named four teams that, in his opinion, claim victory at the upcoming The International 2022.
DkFogas about Last Chance: Polaris Esports will close NaVi - 2:0
Team Cybercats pos-3 player Vladislav "DkFogas" Frolov spoke about the Last Chance stage at The International 2022 in Dota 2. In an interview with the Winline Dota 2 Champions League Season 15 analytics studio. Frolov suggested that one of the two slots in the group stage of the championship world will go to the Polaris Esports roster.
Gorgc told why he does not believe in the victory of PSG.LGD at TI11
Professional streamer Jean "Gorgc" Stefanovski said that PSG.LGD will not become the champion of The International 2022 in Dota 2. He shared his opinion during the broadcast.
Valve added stickers for TI11 studio casters and Last Chance teams
Valve has released a collection of stickers dedicated to the participants of the Last Chance stage before The International 2022 and the World Championship lighting teams. Representatives of the company reported this on the Dota 2 website.
Valve added predictions for the Last Chance qualifiers for TI11
Valve has added Last Chance stage predictions to the Battle Pass 2022 before The International 2022. Dota 2 users can choose two qualifier winners who will advance to the main tournament stage.
Noxville: NaVi's chances to get victory at TI11 are 0.03%
Dota 2 analyst Ben "Noxville" Stinuisen provided an update on the chances of The International 2022 Dota 2 participants to win the Aegis. According to his calculations, the favorite of the tournament will be PSG.LGD - the probability of winning the championship is 30.22%. The top 3 also included OG (13.89%) and Team Aster (12.61%).
Gorgc: This True Sight is pretty good too, I give it a 7-8
Team Bald Reborn player Jean "Gorgc" Stefanovski shared his impressions after watching True Sight about Team Spirit's victory at The International 2021.
TNC Predator lost to XERXIA at TI11 quals
TNC Predator lost to XERXIA in the lower bracket of the regional qualifier for The International 2022 Dota 2 Southeast Asia. Therefore, Dave "Yowe" Pakan Yuri's team left the qualifiers. XERXIA advanced to the next round of the tournament, where they will compete with the loser from the pair Nigma Galaxy SEA - Polaris Esports.
Nigma Galaxy SEA lost to Polaris Esports at Ti11 quals
Nigma Galaxy SEA lost to Polaris Esports in the first round of the upper bracket of the regional qualifiers for The International 2022 Dota 2 for Southeast Asia. The match ended with a score 0:2.