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FaZe vs Fnatic: IEM Road to Rio 2022
FaZe vs Fnatic: IEM Road to Rio 2022
Are you a FaZe's fan? We all realize that FaZe Clan are in its worst form, but we can't deny their mentality to come back and outperform the opponent. Additionally, anything can be expected from Fnatic. This stable team showed good results and has been trying to win IEM for more than a year. However, what's happened a couple of weeks ago, when FaZe got a so-so victory in the match vs Fnatic. Let's discuss it together!
FaZe Clan got +1 victory at ESL Pro League Season 16
FaZe Clan beat FTW in Group B at ESL Pro League Season 16 CS:GO. The match ended with a score of 2:0 (16:4 on Inferno and 16:4 on Overpass). Howard "rain" Nygard's team earned the first points of the tournament. FTW was left without points. The game day will continue with the Virtus.Pro - Team BIG.