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Vitality got the last Major in CS:GO history at BLAST Paris 2023
In front of their own supporters, Vitality defeated GamerLegion 2-0 to win the last CS:GO Major trophy. The match was tense and passionate. After thrashing GamerLegion 16-6 on Overpass, the Franco-Danish team won 16-13 on Nuke to secure the victory.
Cloud9 got slot to the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
Cloud9 and GamerLegion played a "win or go home" match, with one team going into the Challengers Stage with a 0-2 record and the other with a 2-0 record. With everything on the line, Cloud9 were successful in winning and moving on to the Legends stage.
FURIA Esports advanced to the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
The Brazilian squad has made sure that at least one regional Chad would be there when the Major's top-16 round begins. The win is especially important for Andrei "arT" Piovezan's team because they are the only all-Brazilian team left in the Major after Imperial and 00NATION dropped out on Tuesday after losing to Cloud9 and IHC.
acoR: I definitely see myself joining a top team again in the future
GamerLegion player Frederik "acoR" Gildstrand in an interview with Pley portal commented on his successful performance at the European RMR tournament, where he showed a rating of 1.21, and his roster earned a ticket to IEM Rio Major 2022. The Danish sniper is sure that in the future he will definitely join the top team.
Cloud9 returned to the top 5 of the HLTV rating
Cloud9's CS:GO roster added points and took fifth place in the ranking of the best teams in the world according to HLTV portal. FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Team Vitality and Team Liquid remained the leaders of the list.
GamerLegion reveals new roster with acoR, Siuhy and Keoz
GamerLegion has announced the signings of Frederik "acoR" Guildstrand, Kamil "siuhy" Skaradek, and Nicholas "Keoz" Juice to the revamped roster. The club from Germany made the corresponding announcement on its Twitter.
Astralis'll represents EU in forthcoming RMR
Astralis defeated Illuminar Gaming and advanced to the semifinals of the fourth open qualifier for the European RMR tournament. As a result, the Danes guaranteed themselves a place in the championship of the Regional Major Rankings series. On the same day, Entropiq lost to Take Aim Gaming with a score of 23:25 in the 32nd round of the single-elimination bracket.