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The third-highest top viewing figures in CS:GO history was set by BLAST PARIS MAJOR 2023
The final viewing figures for the BLAST Paris Major have been released on Esports Charts. Despite being the last CS:GO Major, Paris failed to set any viewing records, yet it will still be remembered as one of the most viewed CS:GO competitions ever.
Vitality got the last Major in CS:GO history at BLAST Paris 2023
In front of their own supporters, Vitality defeated GamerLegion 2-0 to win the last CS:GO Major trophy. The match was tense and passionate. After thrashing GamerLegion 16-6 on Overpass, the Franco-Danish team won 16-13 on Nuke to secure the victory.
Apeks will take on Vitality today as part of their ongoing war effort in BLAST Paris Major 2023
Apeks defeated Liquid in a two-map series to go to the Paris Major 2023 semifinals. They defeated Overpass (16-12) with ease after winning their first choice, Ancient (16-10), and Tim "nawwk" Jonasson contributed two critical clutches to advance his team to the Major semifinals.
Fnatic unexpectedly eliminated G2 Esports from Blast Paris Major 2023
In a back-and-forth elimination match, fnatic beat G2 2-1 to eliminate Nikola "NiKo" Kova and the rest of the G2 team from the Paris Major 2023. The winning team will compete on the last day of the Legends Stage for the final opportunity to secure a playoff berth in the 2-2 elimination series.
RMR EU round 3: matches' results
As day one of the Europe RMR B finished, the opponents for the third round are now determined. While Monte and 9INE have the opportunity to earn berths in the Legends, Astralis, Spirit, and ENCE will battle for their life.
BLAST Paris Major 2023 qualifiers: results and highlights
Here's a short rundown of the last day of the first three Paris Major qualifiers, the performance of the day, and the greatest highlight plays in case you missed any of the nonstop action.
Valve increased the CS:GO Major prize pool
Orgs of BLAST Paris Major 2023 CS:GO announced that the prize fund of the tournament will be $1.25 million. According to representatives of the resource, Valve allocated an additional $250,000.
The prize fund of BLAST Paris Major 2023 will amount to $1.25 million
Cybersport analyst Milan "Striker" Shveyda announced the increase in monetary rewards with reference to a press release from BLAST for the media. Participants of BLAST Paris Major 2023 will compete for a total prize pool of $1.25 million, which is $250,000 more than previous majors.