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flameZ: We want degster to be our s1mple or ZywOo in OG
OG player Shahar "flameZ" Shushan gave an interview to HLTV portal, in which he answered a number of questions. In particular, the Israeli esportsman spoke about the importance of Abdul "degster" Gasanov for the success of the roster and shared his expectations from the performance at IEM Rio Major 2022.
How OG.Ceb realized the powerness of Windranger in Pro Dota
How OG.Ceb realized the powerness of Windranger in Pro Dota
WR can easily harass any opponent's character due to excellent range, and attack animation and useful disable (Shackleshot) allows the hero to stun an enemy hero in a matter of seconds. And team OG captain was one of the first in that tournament who realized non-obvious WR power. In this text, we will analyze Ceb's item\skill build on this hero and his typical playstyle. Reworked Aganim's Shard is one of the key reasons of Ceb's masterpiece WR game.