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Best CS:GO highlights of 2022
HLTV completed the publication of the TOP-20 players at the special Awards Show in Stockholm on January 14th. NaVi s1mple turned out to be the strongest esportsman of 2022, while Mathieu ZywOo Herbo and Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov entered the TOP-3
HLTV in the world of CS:GO
HLTV in the world of CS:GO
HLTV or Half-Life television. That is how the history of the most well-known CS portal started. People do not fully understand how lucky we are, because no other game has such a detailed resources with statistics and archives. However, more than 20 years have passed, and HLTV has had its ups and downs. This source is still in a row, but why? Let's get down to business!
NiKo got the "Best entry-fragger" award of 2022
On the second line, YEKINDAR appears. An average Latvian made 0.17 successful entry frags every round, while a Team Liquid player ended the year 2022 with a 1.21 OPK rating.
Who was the strongest 1x1 clutch CS:GO player in 2022?
Before that, the HLTV writers give numbers that show who the best players and teams are in different categories. HLTV revealed who had the most multikills in 2022, with well-known player s1mple ranking first.
HLTV named the highest multikill CS:GO player in 2022
Only those who have played 50 or more maps at significant tournaments were considered in the list of players, and he came in first.
HLTV named the best "Pistol Master" of 2023 in CS:GO
FaZe Clan rifler Russell "Twistzz" Van Dalken turned out to be the best in the pistol rounds in 2022. His rating was 1.38. The second and third places in the TOP were taken by ZywOo and frozen.
NIP has the longest "drought" streak in CS:GO history
Astralis squad, whose history requires no introduction, completes the rating. The Danes haven't won a major tournament, however, since BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019, and their winless run has grown to 1,109 days.
HLTV named the best comeback in the history of CS:GO Majors
Previously, HLTV named the best teams in terms of winning percentage per attack. The leader of the list turned out to be Cloud9 with a win rate of 49.8% for the T-side.
CCT North Europe Series 2 Fantasy league has open
The following teams were officially invited to the CCT North Europe Series 2 playoffs: GamerLegion, SAW, ENCE, Sprout, Astralis, OG, HEET, and SAW.
Outsiders set TOP 1 of HLTV rankings
The Danish team Heroic moved up to the second line, moving up by eight positions. The Cloud9 team also jumped into the TOP 3, which, despite the elimination in the quarterfinals of the major, showed excellent results in the championship as a whole.
flameZ: We want degster to be our s1mple or ZywOo in OG
OG player Shahar "flameZ" Shushan gave an interview to HLTV portal, in which he answered a number of questions. In particular, the Israeli esportsman spoke about the importance of Abdul "degster" Gasanov for the success of the roster and shared his expectations from the performance at IEM Rio Major 2022.