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John Dow
John Dow
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Console commands in CS:GO may be required for players that want to get the most out of their gaming experience. The in-game console may not have been utilized by many players, but it may provide little adjustments to your gameplay that can make a big impact on the server. You'll need to get used to modifying your game using the CS:GO console if you want to "mimic" CS:GO pro settings. In order for you to achieve that, we're going to present you the top CS:GO console commands for 2023.

Since the beginning of the legendary team shooter CS:GO, console commands have been an essential part of the game. Even such a small thing as a quick grenade selection with “a bind” can help in a difficult moment, so don't ignore console commands and useful binds if they give you some advantage over your opponent. Commands of various kinds will be described here, and all of them will be useful, especially for newbies in 2023.


We decided to divide them into categories (console commands):

  1. Commands to improve your PC performance
  2. Commands for training
  3. Custom commands.


Commands to improve the performance of your PC

Frames per second are one of the biggest and most pressing problems for most players in the game. We will try to help players. 

Finally, you can move on to improving performance through console commands: 

  1. r_drawparticles 0, func_break_max_pieces 0 - remove various small objects from the screen;
  2. muzzleflash_light 0, r_drawtracers_firstperson 0, r_dynamic 0, mat_disable_bloom 1 - significantly reduces the visual effects;
  3. mat_queue_mode 2 - enables multicore processing. This only helps if you have a processor with more than 1 core. If value “2” doesn't help, select “2 to -2”.


You can also adjust the game settings:

  1. noaafonts - Disables antialiasing of screen fonts;
  2. threads 4 - Engages 4 CPU threads. If you have a 4-core Intel or AMD processor, then put 8. Correspondingly: 6 cores - 12 threads, 8 cores - 16 threads, etc.;
  3. high - Runs the game with high priority; setting it on a weak CPU is not recommended.


The number of frames per second greatly affects the gameplay. The higher the FPS and the more stable the average frames per second are, the smoother the gameplay will be. Even if you don't want to be competitive, take your time and tune up the game. You need to play in comfort and with high-quality settings.




Practice commands CS:GO


Useful for practicing teams that prepare a particular game style or for a solo player who wants to test or learn a new trick or position to play it correctly. There are a lot of them, but we have tried to choose the most useful ones:

  1. sv_grenade_trajectory 1 - show the flight path of grenades (useful for practicing layouts). To disable, replace 1 with 0;
  2. sv_showimpacts 1 - show the bullet's point of impact (useful for practice aiming). To disable, replace 1 with 0;
  3. sv_cheats 1 - required to enable some commands. To disable, replace 1 with 0;
  4. mat_wireframe 1 - allows seeing through walls, requires sv_cheats 1. To disable, replace 1 with 0;
  5. god - make the player invulnerable, requires sv_cheats 1. To disable, type again in the console;
  6. noclip - activate the ability to fly and pass through walls, requires sv_cheats 1. To disable, write again in the console.


Try it, test it, and I am sure it will be a novelty for someone who has just remembered these commands.




User commands are designed to improve a game or for experiments, etc. In this category, there will be different commands that can help you:

  1. net_graph 1 - This command shows you the amount of FPS, your ping, choke and lose packets;
  2. cl_righthand “0” - changes your hand to left hand at value “0” and vice versa at value “1”;
  3. cl_updaterate 128 - this parameter affects how fast you can get server data, e.g. about the actions of other players;
  4. cl_cmdrate 128 - this parameter will affect how soon the server receives information about your activities;
  5. cl_autowepswitch 0 - remove weapon pickup animation;
  6. exec (file name) - activate user configuration file; suitable for loading different configs;
  7. cl_forcepreload 1 - allows loading the whole map before the start of the match;
  8. sensitivity “0-5” - specifies mouse sensitivity;
  9. mm_dedicated_search_maxping (ping value) - set filter by ping during match search; suitable for players with limited ping.


Commands for beginners CS:GO

Note that some of these commands may require administrative privileges or may not be allowed in certain servers, so use them at your own risk and discretion:

  1. cl_crosshairthickness "1": This command adjusts the thickness of your crosshair. You can change the value to your preference;
  2. cl_radar_scale "0.30": This command adjusts the size of your radar. You can change the value to your choice;
  3. cl_showfps "1": This command displays your current frames per second (FPS) in the top left corner of the screen;
  4. fps_max "0": This command removes the FPS cap in the game;
  5. cl_bobamt_vert "0": This command removes the vertical recoil when moving and shooting;
  6. cl_disablehtmlmotd "1": This command disables the HTML MOTD (Message of the Day) that appears when you start the game;
  7. cl_interp_ratio "1": This command sets your interpolation ratio to 1, which can help reduce lag and improve hit registration;
  8. snd_mixahead "0.05": This command sets the audio mix ahead buffer to reduce audio delay and improve sound quality;
  9. cl_cmdrate "128": This command sets the rate at which your client sends commands to the server. Higher values can improve responsiveness;
  10. net_graph "1": This command displays various network statistics in the bottom right corner of the screen, including ping, FPS, and packet loss.



Of course, we have yet to demonstrate all the commands, but we showed and briefly described the most valuable and necessary for comfortable gaming. Console commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive open up many opportunities that allow you to configure the game more conveniently for yourself. We recommend you create your config and write the necessary commands or parameters there. 


What powers do you think are the best? And what would you like to see as additional parameters to improve the game? Share your minds with Subscribe and follow the latest eSports news!

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