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Heroes that are better to avoid in patch 7.32b
Heroes that are better to avoid in patch 7.32b
Each patch has widespread but sometimes frankly weak heroes. Perhaps the popularity of such heroes is due to the new mechanics or some small buff. However, the result is always the same: players continue to play these heroes, losing MMR to themselves and their team. Today we will discuss the leading contenders for the black list of heroes.
Dota fans criticize Phantom Assassin's new Arcana
Reddit users are massively criticizing Dota 2 developers for the quality of Exile Unveiled's alternate Arcana for Phantom Assassin.
Valve added Phantom Assassin Arcana to Battle Pass 2022
The Exile Unveiled cosmetic item for Phantom Assassin has become available in Dota 2. The fact that a new personality for the hero has been added to the game client was announced by the developers on the official website.