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Heroic will meet Team Liquid in the semi-finals of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
G2 returns home having only defeated Fluxo thanks to the loss against Heroic, which means they are no longer a part of the Danish LAN. However, their season is still not done since, as a result of their place in the circuit standings, they will participate in the BLAST Premier World Final in December.
G2 Esports defeated Fluxo at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
M0NESY, NiKo, and huNter- are the leading stars of G2. Osipov defeated Fluxo 2-0 with a combined total of 129 kills. For G2, m0NESY's 1.44 rating stood out in particular because the youthful AWPer made a difference in pivotal rounds, notably on the CT side of Mirage.
Team Liquid advanced to the next round of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Outstanding efforts from YEKINDAR and EliGE contributed to Liquid's triumph. With 48 and 45 kills and 1.27 and 1.33 ratings, the two players were the series' offensive catalysts for their respective teams. Liquid will now face Natus Vincere in the Group B upper-bracket championship. The most recent match between the two teams was a best-of-one at the IEM Rio Major, where Liquid just barely prevailed after a 30-round map.
NaVi – G2: step before semifinal EPL 2022
NaVi – G2: step before semifinal EPL 2022
The volcanic match between CS:GO "Titans" NaVi - G2. Could the NAVI haven't been defeated? It seems to me that G2 eSports broke the morale of the Ukrainian organization, that's what exactly happened. The insane mood of the rivals, the desire to win and prove to the whole world their importance, all this - is present in this confrontation.
Legend of HOOXI
Legend of HOOXI
Who is HOOXI? Why is it called HOOXI SOLO? Why is he so popular? The only professional player who has a negative rating, but at the same time wins games solo. The meme hero and recent mentor of m0NESY - HOOXI. So, let's spin him!
ScreaM: master of headshots with a frustrating career
ScreaM: master of headshots with a frustrating career
Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom is one of the most famous CS:GO players not only within the community itself, but also outside of it. How the plot of ScreaM life has developed. Readers are currently awaiting the specifics of his professional life, including his highs and lows.
The main intrigues before IEM Rio Major 2022
The main intrigues before IEM Rio Major 2022
Rio Major is knocking on the Pro’s doors, and soon we will see which teams will be able to surprise and delight their fans. Some teams now look different from the January rosters. What to expect from the lineups this fall? What things will excite CS:GO fans the most? Who will surprise or disappoint the community in the next six months? Let's find out.
YNk on G2 and Astralis: Nothing motivates more than watching the Major from home
Professional esports analyst Janko "YNk" Paunovic shared his opinion on the prospects of G2 and Astralis in the Talking Counter podcast after their sensational exit from the European RMR tournament. He believes skipping the Major should motivate these teams and make them work hard to be successful in the future.
NiKo after elimination from RMR tournament: Never felt such emptiness and pain
G2 Esports CS:GO player Nikola "NiKo" Kovacs shared his emotions after his team did not advance to IEM Rio Major 2022. On Twitter, he noted that for the first time in his life he was in such a depressed state.
G2 Esports lost to GamerLegion and eliminated out of the European RMR
G2 Esports lost to GamerLegion in the fourth round of IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A in CS:GO. The match ended with a score 1:2. Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen's team left the tournament and will miss the Major.
G2 Esports, what is the secret of volcanic powerness
G2 Esports, what is the secret of volcanic powerness
G2 Esports is an organization that has completely abandoned the absolute “French flag” team (CS:GO) and signed a fully international roster. G2 is probably not the kind of organization that swaps gamers like chess figures. In G2, everything is stable, changing a couple of players will depend on the team's needs.
hampus: Aleksib is a great captain, I don't know why G2 abandoned him
NIP player Hampus "hampus" Poser gave an interview to HLTV portal after the team qualified for the IEM Rio 2022 Major. He spoke about the changes that the Ninja roster has been going through lately and, among other things, shared his opinion about the new captain Alexi "Aleksib" Virolainene.
Cloud9 beat G2 Esports at Europe RMR Group A
Cloud9 defeated G2 Esports in the second round of IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A in CS:GO. The result of the meeting at Mirage is 16:13. The team of Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov scored three points.
Cloud9 will face G2 Esports in the second round of European RMR Group A
Participants of the second round at IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A in CS:GO have become known. In the upcoming matches, Cloud9 will compete with G2 Esports, and Team Spirit will play against Sprout.
G2 "smashed" ECSTATIC 16-0 in their debut match at IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR
G2 Esports defeated ECSTATIC in the IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A CS:GO match. The confrontation on Ancient ended with a score of 16:0.