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Nigma Galaxy Female got 1st place at ESL Impact League season 2
Nigma Galaxy Female didn't lose a single map in the tournament. Previously, the team also became champions of ESL Impact League Season 1 and the ESL Impact Valencia 2022 tournament.
OG and Liquid complete their participation at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
After achieving a high enough rating on the BLAST Leaderboard, the organizer's points-based ranking used to identify a percentage of the teams playing at the end-of-year competition. OG and Liquid were the last two teams to qualify for the BLAST Premier World Final.
FaZe Clan will meet Heroic in the Grand Final of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen's team finished third to fourth and earned $40,000 for their efforts. Team Liquid had already left the championship. FaZe made it to the finals of the championship, where they will compete with Heroic.
Heroic defeated Team Liquid and advanced to the final of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Heroic and Team Liquid faced each other four games, with each team exchanging two victories. The final game occurred at the IEM Rio Major 2022, where Heroic 2:1 won all the maps. Then Team Liquid confidently took away their Mirage 5:16, while Heroic were more dominant in Vertigo 16:8 and Overpass 16:11.
Evil Geniuses White CS:GO got a new stand-in
The new player is considerably younger and will have room to grow on the team, while djay is rapidly approaching 30 years of age, which is typically when out-of-game considerations and slower reaction times begin to lower a player's growth potential. This may be the main factor in EG's future decision.
Heroic vs Team Liquid BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022 match predictions
We have the incredible chance to see Team Liquid play the finest Danish team, Heroic, in one of the semi-finals of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. This game seems to be highly exciting since both sides are doing well. However, who'll get the final slot?
NIP eliminated NaVi from BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Aleksib's team is still trying to win the Fall Final title and earn a spot in the World Final at the end of the year. The semi-final game will take place against FaZe in front of a live crowd on Saturday at 8:00 pm inside the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.
Heroic will meet Team Liquid in the semi-finals of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
G2 returns home having only defeated Fluxo thanks to the loss against Heroic, which means they are no longer a part of the Danish LAN. However, their season is still not done since, as a result of their place in the circuit standings, they will participate in the BLAST Premier World Final in December.
TropiCaos got a new CS:GO roster
The most recent company to make an investment in the Brazilian CS:GO scene is TropiCaos. The club, which was established in 2021, stated on Friday (25) that it has signed the Sojoga team as its formal debut into the sport.
Season 2 of the ESL Impact League will begin in Jonkoping
The most vital women's Counter-Strike league is coming back to LAN for the Season 2 Finals of DreamHack Winter. At DreamHack Winter, a new Impact League champion will be crowned.
G2 Esports defeated Fluxo at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
M0NESY, NiKo, and huNter- are the leading stars of G2. Osipov defeated Fluxo 2-0 with a combined total of 129 kills. For G2, m0NESY's 1.44 rating stood out in particular because the youthful AWPer made a difference in pivotal rounds, notably on the CT side of Mirage.
Team Liquid advanced to the next round of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Outstanding efforts from YEKINDAR and EliGE contributed to Liquid's triumph. With 48 and 45 kills and 1.27 and 1.33 ratings, the two players were the series' offensive catalysts for their respective teams. Liquid will now face Natus Vincere in the Group B upper-bracket championship. The most recent match between the two teams was a best-of-one at the IEM Rio Major, where Liquid just barely prevailed after a 30-round map.
Heroic defeated NIP at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
The team led by cadiaN arrived to the BLAST event on home soil, a stronghold for Astralis and their supporters, as the only Danish participant this time. After a fantastic campaign at the IEM Rio Major, where they advanced to the championship match and achieved a new milestone on Counter-Strike's stage, they want to take the final cup.
NaVi got the first victory in debut match at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
The Ukrainian team will now square off against the winner of Liquid and G2's match in the upper-bracket championship, while Fluxo will take on the contest's loser on Thursday. And, maybe, Nipl will play "several maps" in the World Final, according to B1ad3 comments.
ESL announces development plans for ESL Impact League
The fourth season of the ESL Impact League will take place online between September and October. The same structure as in the previous season will be provided by the organizers. The first stop on the ESL circuit's 2023 schedule will be a stand-alone competition for the top two teams from Europe, North America, and South America, who will compete against one another at IEM Katowice in February of that year.