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Liquid vs Spirit: BO3 - IEM Rio Major 2022
Liquid vs Spirit: BO3 - IEM Rio Major 2022
BO3 clash between two strong teams vying for a place in the “Champions” Stage. The tension in the game is felt through the screen. Emotions begin to take hold of the players, resulting in numerous errors. Incorrect timings from Liquid lose the game. Liquid stopped doing any splits. The team started to limit itself and stopped at the risk of victory. Sloughing transitions from one site to another were replaced by an unreasonable rush. Spirit felt calmer and more confident every time. Spirit won this game, this match, and this BO3 confrontation.
MOUZ vs. ENCE: group stage IEM Rio Major 2022
MOUZ vs. ENCE: group stage IEM Rio Major 2022
After defeating ENCE 2-1, MOUZ became the sixth team to secure a berth in the IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs. After going undefeated in the tournament's first round and going 3-2 in the Legends Stage, the youthful European mix team finished in the top eight.
Dev1ce will play as part of Astralis at the next tournament
CCT North Europe Series 2 will be the dev1ce's first tournament after its return to Astralis. The team received an invitation to the championship playoffs - according to the club, the matches of this stage will begin on December 4th. The prize fund of the competition is $50,000.
Team Heroic set TOP 1 in HLTV rating
Heroic advanced from second place, where they were placed behind Outsiders, their competition for the Major Grand Final. The team of Dastan didn't compete in BLAST because they don't have anything to do with that organization. However, after winning IEM Rio, they will still compete for the BLAST Premier World Final championship in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
De_tuscan: the story of map creation
De_tuscan: the story of map creation
Did you miss for de_tuscan? Those who got acquainted with CS in 2012 and later - that is, when CS:GO came out - do not really understand all the hype and nostalgia of the “olds” for a plain map. However, for people who have been playing CS since time immemorial, the absence of Tuscan in the game is a big loss. What's the reason?
TeSeS prolonged his contract with Heroic for the next 2 years
TeSeS is not the only Heroic representative that has a long-term agreement with the club. A similar agreement had previously been signed with the captain and roster sniper, Kasper CadiaN Möller, as well as Martin Stavn Lund.
Broky is MVP of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
A solid performance by Robin ropz Kool was insufficient to unseat his colleague from the top slot, as Nygaard trailed broky for medal contention going into the final. However, the Latvian didn't lose his lead because he kept playing well in the last round of the competition.
Team Heroic - BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022 champions
Both teams advanced to the playoffs from Group A. In the semifinals, FaZe defeated Ninjas in Pajamas. On the way to the decisive match, Heroic won against G2 Esports and Team Liquid. As a result, the Blast Premier Fall Finals 2022 concluded today.
Nigma Galaxy Female got 1st place at ESL Impact League season 2
Nigma Galaxy Female didn't lose a single map in the tournament. Previously, the team also became champions of ESL Impact League Season 1 and the ESL Impact Valencia 2022 tournament.
OG and Liquid complete their participation at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
After achieving a high enough rating on the BLAST Leaderboard, the organizer's points-based ranking used to identify a percentage of the teams playing at the end-of-year competition. OG and Liquid were the last two teams to qualify for the BLAST Premier World Final.
FaZe Clan will meet Heroic in the Grand Final of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen's team finished third to fourth and earned $40,000 for their efforts. Team Liquid had already left the championship. FaZe made it to the finals of the championship, where they will compete with Heroic.
Heroic defeated Team Liquid and advanced to the final of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Heroic and Team Liquid faced each other four games, with each team exchanging two victories. The final game occurred at the IEM Rio Major 2022, where Heroic 2:1 won all the maps. Then Team Liquid confidently took away their Mirage 5:16, while Heroic were more dominant in Vertigo 16:8 and Overpass 16:11.
Evil Geniuses White CS:GO got a new stand-in
The new player is considerably younger and will have room to grow on the team, while djay is rapidly approaching 30 years of age, which is typically when out-of-game considerations and slower reaction times begin to lower a player's growth potential. This may be the main factor in EG's future decision.
Heroic vs Team Liquid BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022 match predictions
We have the incredible chance to see Team Liquid play the finest Danish team, Heroic, in one of the semi-finals of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. This game seems to be highly exciting since both sides are doing well. However, who'll get the final slot?
NIP eliminated NaVi from BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
Aleksib's team is still trying to win the Fall Final title and earn a spot in the World Final at the end of the year. The semi-final game will take place against FaZe in front of a live crowd on Saturday at 8:00 pm inside the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.