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Skem withdrawed contract with BOOM Esports
After the International 2022, the majority of clubs will inevitably change their rosters. Cyber squads are now putting the finishing touches on their plans for the next year, while some are aiming to retool to have the greatest chance for the upcoming DPC season.
XinQ announced PSG.LGD contract expiration
During reshuffle season, PSG.LGD Dota 2 roster may lose two more players and a coach. This was told by the former cybersportsman Yao "Yao" Zhengzheng on the stream. PSG.LGD management has yet to decide whether or not to extend the contract with Zhang Xiao8 Ning. Wang Ame Chunyu and Zhao XinQ Zixing also want to take a break from their careers, but the club's management convinces Ame to change his mind and keep performing on the professional stage.
BOOM Esports part ways with TIMS
Missed out on SA Dota? Reshuffle season in South America starts! Mid-laner Erin "Yopaj" Jasper Ferrer and support Rolen "André" Skem Gabriel Ong said they are open to offers from other clubs. Esports players have contracts with BOOM, but they want to think about other cyberjob opportunities.
SunBhie is a new Talon Esports Dota 2 coach
SunBhie made a name for himself while coaching Team Secret. Under the guidance of a specialist, the team won several big tournaments, including DreamLeague Season 8, The Chongqing Major and MDL Disneyland Paris Major.
Valve increased fines for switching during the DPC season
Having played five or more matches with a stand-in in the regional league, the team is disqualified and automatically loses all subsequent games.
BTS Pro Series Season 13 has been announced
The most unexpected piece of news from the SEA is that Geek Fam has officially rejoined the SEA competitive scene after splitting up in 2020. Even though the team's lineup hasn't been revealed, there are already teams like Fnatic and Excecration that can be expected to be tough competitors.
Valve added to Dota Arcana for Razor – Voidstorm Asylum
Power up your battles with the Voidstorm Asylum Arcana item for Razor, featuring a brand new model with an unlockable second style, special animations, effects and elements, and over 600 new voice lines. All players who have reached Battle Pass level 383 can obtain this item.
What kind of cheating in Dota 2 do you remember?
Dota 2
John Dow
November 17, 2022
What kind of cheating in Dota 2 do you remember?
As the saying goes, it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. It's better to check in the lobby once to see how well Eye of Skadi pairs with Satanic than to try to remember in combat what your comrade once told you. We've compiled a list of cheats that Dota players use to save time. Let's go!
Smurfers in Dota 2: how to “execute” abusers
Smurfers in Dota 2: how to “execute” abusers
There are such phenomena as "Smurfers", why they ruin the entire rating system, make it very difficult to increase MMR points at low ranks, and simply prevent you from enjoying the game, while remaining partial, at least for a while. This article is an appeal to Valve to pay more attention to the problems of ordinary players that prevent all of us from playing calmly.
What's the secret of Pudge's powerness?
What's the secret of Pudge's powerness?
Pudge pickers, where are you? Pudge is one of the most drafted heroes in Dota. According to Dotabuff statistics, the hero is picked in every fifth game of matchmaking at a low rating (<2K MMR), and we should not forget that Pudge is often banned - so there would be even more hero in ranked matchmaking. Let's see why.
Bane hard support gameplay patch 7.32c
Bane hard support gameplay patch 7.32c
So, Bane is a 50/50 hero, and he can be chosen in various pubs, but no more. Esportsmen do not often choose Bane. It will be pretty accurate to say that the hero is not for this patch. But who knows, maybe we’ll see him in the next DPC season?
Gabbi and kpii will join the Fnatic
British esports organization Fnatic has decided to strengthen its Dota 2 roster. Gabbi will likely take over as a carry on the team while kpii will continue to play as an offlaner like he did before being removed from Talon Esports.
T1 eSports club disbanded Dota 2 roster
The line-up for The International 2022 did not live up to the organization's expectations. On August 16th, T1 announced that two OG legends, two-time world champions ana and Topson , are joining the roster.
Hidden imba: Enchantress via Aghanim’s Scepter gameplay
Hidden imba: Enchantress via Aghanim’s Scepter gameplay
Howdy! Valve reduces the abilities of some heroes with each new Dota 2 patch, while granting a few upgrades to others. Sometimes developers add new imba characters, and sometimes add or fix an item, that has an unbelievable value for its price. Each of these changes tilts the balance of the game toward who picks a similar hero or collects an overbuffed slot. One such example is Aghanim’s Scepter for Ench and I will tell you why.
Top 3 most effective stand-ins in Dota 2
Top 3 most effective stand-ins in Dota 2
If you are fond of watching professional Dota matches, you might see the word "stand-in" in the players' nicknames followed by their nickname. Dozens of people ask: who is a stand-in in Dota? Let's roll!