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Dota 2 Collector's Cache 2nd edition has the most costly skins among all 2022 cosmetic items
With each open chest, the chances of getting an additional rare reward increase. All skins from Collector's Cache II can be found below.
How many jungle trees Dota 2 heroes "cut" during the 2022
You know that there is not such hero in Dota 2 than Timbersaw, who "hates" trees more than any other hero in the game. So, he cut down the most trees in Dota - more than 1 million+.
Reddit user revealed the "deadliest" hero combo that can destroy enemies in 1-click
Do you prefer to play Grimstroke in the present-day meta? Do you think this hero is the most lethal? Idk. The names Lich, Witch Doctor, and Lion with Lina come to mind. In fact, if you get Tinker under Grim and buy Aghanim, heroes die when you press one button. This is the cruelest and most impressive combination.It isn't an ordinary joke!
SirActionSlacks pays 500$ salary to his players from Arkosh Gaming
One of the Arkosh Gaming player said that Slacks isn't a team UBO, but he consistently donates money in a form of "salary bonus".
Sumail "quarreled" with mates from Nigma Galaxy and can part ways with club: rumors
At the time of publication, there are no official announcements from Nigma eSports. Therefore, Sumail still performs for the European mix squad.
The International 2022 cosplay contest review
The International 2022 cosplay contest review
Every year, Dota 2 fans come together to watch several weeks of intense competition as the best players in the world compete for the Aegis of Champions. The International, which has evolved into one of the biggest and most awaited competitions in the esports circuit, has always been the center of attention.
Professional Dota 2 player searched 1 low priority game for 75 hours
Unranked and low-priority queues are attempting to pair you up with people that are in the same MMR as you for some reason, which is completely absurd, because he plays unranked.
Valve fixed a critical bug with a reward for flagbearer creep
Previously, the reward for killing an (ally) standard flagbearer creep was 34-39 gold. After the patch, it should have been 44-49 gold, but the change does not mean anything. This is literally the first line in the patch, by the way.
Who is the nerdiest Invoker "keyboard-clicker" worldwide?
This is similar to Invoker Trainer if you're acquainted with it, but with a better design and personal high scores. Therefore, we have a new app where doters can challenge to realize who is the fastest Invoker in the world.
Ex TI9 host was accused of sexual harrasment
Campbell announced his resignation from OTK. He also promised to publish his version of the story later. Azalialexi is a Twitch streamer. Her channel has 8.3 thousand free subscribers. In addition, the girl has a TikTok account with 284 thousand followers.
How professional players cheat with bets in Dota 2 tournaments
There have been rumors that the developers of Dota 2 will ban more professional players in the near future. By the way, in addition to the players, Valve did not forget about the ordinary abusers, who through the sandbox fill the MMR on accounts and sell them.
Dota 2 is one of the leaders in harrasment and shaming among eSports industry
Teens aged 13 to 17 are now more often harassed than they were the previous year. For the first time, the ADL has collected data on the harassment that preteens between the ages of 10 and 12 face.
Valve shared the "List of cheaters" in Pro Dota to ban them for years
Some of the mentioned esports players have been kicked off their teams in the past because they pretended to be other players during the finals. Several player clubs are currently conducting internal audits.
Dota 2 players earn more than their "colleagues" from other eSports disciplines
More than half of this amount was formed by the prize fund of The International 2022, which amounted to $18.9 million. Also, at the Top of the games are: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - $113 154 882, Fortnite - $93 401 183, League of Legends - $91 642 851 and PUBG Mobile - $65 115 571.
Dota fans found "5x Vambrace" bug
Players are encouraged to keep a look out for additional vulnerabilities or exploits that could exist that enable them to get stuff for free in the interim while buying them in the game. Overall, it's unclear how the glitch will affect the game and its user base.