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Valve revealed the date of a new Dota hero Muerta release
The classic lore says that Muerta is one of the guardians of the world of the dead, which was only briefly mentioned in the Dota 2 lore before. For example, the gate to another dimension is guarded by Razor "Lightning Revenant".
Gaimin Gladiators surprised DPC opponents with offlane Witch Doctor
GG's roster on the very first map of the series pulled an unusual strategy out of his sleeve, which would be rare even in matchmaking. Both analysts and viewers were taken aback by Witch Doctor offlane + Io.
Reddit user created Dota heroes posters with Midjourney neural network
Before this, realistic posters appeared on Reddit with other Dota characters. Windranger, Void Spirit and Pudge. Another gamer drew images of Crystal Maiden, Lich and other MOBA heroes. Try to guess "who si who" and text below in comments!
Why Valve is the most greediest moneymaking company?
Valve's greed has sparked outrage among professional players and professional teams. The community demands that Gaben at least double the funding for DPC seasons to make Dota 2 cyber more stable and attractive. Let us remind you that TI's prize fund is 25% of the money earned by Valve from the sale of the Battle Pass plus $1.6 million in guaranteed prize money from the organizer.
Incredible female Dota heroes Arcana cosplay by Vu Lac Anh
Incredible female Dota heroes Arcana cosplay by Vu Lac Anh
I only like two types of cosplay: those that are lavishly constructed, like this, or those that are inexpensive.
TI11 winner made "pee" to the water bottle during DPC match
It is noteworthy that the pause was 6 minutes 43 seconds, while the team finished the map even faster - after 4 minutes 22 seconds. That is, Tundra could finish the game in order to let Lepko go to the toilet faster.
Dota 2 fan created heroes in the cartoon cyberpunk style
Dota lover showed what the characters from Valve's MOBA could look like if the game was made in the style of science fiction. Try to guess all the characters in the pictures!
Chinese Dota 2 fan created Goose Goose Duck style heroes
Goose Goose Duck is a social detective game that came out in April 2021. It was made by Gaggle Studios. The clone of Among Us gained popularity thanks to one of the members of the K-pop group BTS Kim Taehyung, also known as V, who streamed this game in December 2022.
Dota 2 fans found a bug which conducts to server crash
To crash the server, players need to purchase an item, use its active ability on teammates, and then sell it. If an enemy casts a directed spell on the player while under the effect of the sold Linken's Sphere, the server will stop working.
The game about mini-ducks-warriors has more online than Dota 2
At the time of publication, the peak online usage for Goose Goose Duck exceeded 700,000 users, while the figure for Dota 2 was 642 thousand gamers. Note that the first place in the list is occupied by CS:GO - 1 million users.
Dota fans found a bug that allows to detect the enemies through a fog of war
Redditor sent a video with an error to Valve, but has not yet received a response. He hopes the developers will fix it soon. Representatives of MOBA did not comment on the situation.
Dota 2 Lima Major tickets were sold out in 9 minutes
In the first wave, tickets were sold at the lowest price. The cost of attending one day of the playoffs on Thursday or Friday was $37, and on Saturday or Sunday - $42. A VIP ticket for the whole week could be purchased for $132.
DPC 2023 scandal: Team Knights accused of map hack abuse during the match with Aster
It is reported that the Perfect World tournament operator - the organizer of the regional league in China and part-time publisher of Dota 2 in the Middle Kingdom - has already collected all the evidence and transferred it to Valve.
Team Liquid Dota 2 player told a "sauna story" with naked MATUMBAMAN
Previously, Lee revealed how MATUMBAMAN is doing his military service in Finland. The player must address everyone as "Sir," as well as get up at six a.m. every day and go outside in temperatures of 15 degrees below zero.
Dendi is the oldest professional player in Dota 2 history
Dendi's recent performance hasn't been very noteworthy. The renowned Ukrainian esportsman, who formed his own esports company, B8, could not fulfill his goals and return to the top level. The team's best performance is their 5-6th finish on WePlay.