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Lina New Year cosplay by LunashaCosplay
Lina New Year cosplay by LunashaCosplay
One little spark and before you know it, the whole world is burning. It looks like it's gonna be a scorcher.
Reddit fans complain about suspiciously games on Moon Studio Campfire
Previously, rumors appeared on the network that Moon Studio, a company that has been organizing online tournaments for a long time, had been sold to new non-public owners from China.
Esportearnings disclosed the net profit of Tundra eSports
According to the Esports Earnings database, Tundra Esports players took home a little over $1.7 million in prize money in 2022, taking the top spot.
Reddit users complained about Russian cheaters who abused malware to disclose opponent's last pick
Reddit users cited several examples of cheaters admitting to using third-party programs. Gamers advised not to rush the last pick in order to force the cheater to pick the hero first.
Reddit user revealed Shadow Demon bug that steals your skill point
So, if you purchase Aghanim's Shard, which has level 2 Demonic Purge, and use skillpoint on it, it will steal your skillpoint for the rest of the match.
PGL refused to hire the "hottest" female Dota 2 caster for the next DPC season
Ephey did not announce that PGL invited her to cast DPC 2023. In Reddit post dedicated to this topic, she did not directly answer the question of whether she will work on DPC, but asked viewers to support newcomers and not worry about quality content, and urged to hope that by the end of the season the number of guest commentators will increase
Professional Dota 2 cheaters revealed how they tricked D2CL orgs to earn on bets
The players also showed how they exploited a special web script. When it is turned on, the code writes over the information in the logs, replacing the desired city in the field with information about the city where the account was created.
Dota fans revealed Pangolier Swashbuckle animation bug
Players below the author's post texted that the skill mechanics are still functioning normally, it is just visually bugged. However, some fans were curious about how the damage is applied: to the player mark area or in a buggy way.
Reddit users proposed to add Aethereal Disc and Maegelus to the next 7.33 patch
Post with these artifacts concept has already collected 200+ comments, and maybe Valve pays attention on fans proposals.
Dendi named the best New Year gifts for Dota 2 players
You know who is a "master" at finding talent as well as Christmas and New York gifts? We think it's Dendi. I don't know if you paid attention to it, but a lot of the players who played for B8 then went to the next level and got into cool teams.
China took leadership in the field of hotels for Dota players worldwide
Some of these hotels are new structures, but most (64%) are hotels that existed before and adapted certain areas to the new format. Most of the visitors of these hotels are teenagers under 18 years of age.
Money has no odor: Arab Emirates sheik became Nigma Galaxy eSports sponsor
One of the biggest real estate companies will give sponsorship to Nigma Galaxy eSports club. There is a rumor that one og the companies UBO is the sheik from the wealth Arab Emirates family. CEO said that players got 10,000-20,000$ salaries per month at their peak
The club's Dota 2 roster no longer shows the results on the competitive scene, so the club's salaries are far from the 2019-2020 limits. At The International 2022, the team even failed LCQ.
Fnatic Dota player house was robbed during his game on Bounty Hunter
His Twitter post does not say whether he called the cops. He recently said that he found out about this "news" while playing ranked mm as Bounty Hunter. The player did not name the amount of money that was stolen.
SEA team got lifetime ban for using scripts and cheats during DCP 2023 quals
What kind of scripts the cybersportsman used is unknown. Tournament organizers also banned both teammates and KSH. The official statement from Epulze says that players have been temporarily banned until a more thorough investigation can be done.