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Try to guess Dota 2 heroes created by Artificial Intelligence
There are already several thousand items published on the Steam Workshop, and they are all created by the Dota 2 community - players just like you. If you already have the game client installed, the Steam Workshop makes it easier than ever to submit finished models or images to the community. Each creation can not only get into the game, but also generate income from sales in the Dota 2 store.
Dota 2 fans revealed a bug with Clinkz and Shadow Blade
During Burning Barrage, the hero will not only be invisible, but each attack from this skill will do more damage because of Shadow Blade. At the same time, even after all the shots from the ability, Clinkz will retain the bonus from the use of the artifact.
Filipino 12-year-old kid reached Immortal rank in the SEA region
Recall that SumaiL, one of the most recognizable Dota 2 players, till the age of 16 was signed by a top-tier team, and Rishi could set the bar lower with his playstyle.
Dota fan upgraded 173 levels of the Battle Pass without any donation
According to his Reddit post, his goal was to understand how many items can be obtained without investing funds. To reach this level, a Valve MOBA fan had to complete all weekly tasks and go through two levels of catacombs.
Reddit users revealed super rare feature for Axe players
Doters claim that for the first time, such a feature of the interaction of the ability with this item was discovered a few months ago. Since then, Valve has released several updates with bug fixes, but has not changed this mechanic.
TOP-6 magical Dota 2 heroes illustrations by Mike Hirshon
With this paint setup, we would prefer a dedicated Dota client. You bet! Mike is an editorial illustrator who reimagines Dota heroes for the last 7 years.
Company that created AI for Dota 2 can be purchased for 29 billion USD
In 2022, OpenAI released the Dall-E 2 image generation program and ChatGPT chatbot. Previously, AI-based OpenAI created bots for Dota that beat OG in a 5v5 match and Danil Dendi Ishutin in a 1v1 match.
TOP-10 Dota 2 mix skins that look awesome
Dota 2 has a lot of interesting facts about its players, heroes, and, as of recently, skins. We've put up this list of the greatest Dota 2 skins ever to help you understand things a bit better. Let's investigate it together!
Valve officially announced the hosts of DPC Major Season 2023
Previously, Valve announced the beginning of a fantasy league for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit Winter Tour 2023. The announcement was published on the developers' website.
Gorgc confirms IceFrog rumors about 7.33 "BIG patch"
Moreover, streamer said that he realized this information quite earlier than Skiter. However, he did not take this information to the public because he feared community reaction. Hopefully, now Dota fans are waiting for a massive patch.
Pro Dota 2 caster shared the details about the bullling on TI11
Caster didn't notice any specific players or teams, but he did say that it wasn't ATF and OG and that he heard it from someone else. Maybe it's OG, Entity, possibly Fnatic or another English-speaking team that performed on the main stage of The International 2022.
Reddit fan asks Valve to implement players overwatch summary in Dota
Having some evidence that the general gamers of this option are benefiting from their efforts would be a fantastic way to motivate them. The option that encourages overwatch use. Additionally, it will make us feel good to lock up the ruiners or save the innocent novice who is still learning.
Valve plans to rework Dota landscape in 7.33 patch
IceFrog has moved away from Dota 2 development in the last couple of years. That's why there are few serious changes in the game.
Team Secret reshuffles: what to expect from the update roster in DPC 2023
Team Secret reshuffles: what to expect from the update roster in DPC 2023
This year at The International 11, Team Secret showed a great result, taking second place and grabbing 2,461,033 USD. Having received a satisfactory result in the team's roster, substitutions still followed. This article will analyze in detail whether these changes will be beneficial.
Crystal Maiden Christmas cosplay by fishy_cosplay
Crystal Maiden Christmas cosplay by fishy_cosplay
Who calls the Crystal Maiden? It's all fun and games until someone's frozen solid.