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Dota 2 fan is the first in the world to buy 100k levels of Battle Pass TI11
Dota 2 fan with the nickname Yuki Yuki is the first in the world to reach 100 thousand Battle Pass levels for The International 2022. At the time of publication of the material, this is the highest compendium level among all users. Statistics provided by the site
Dota fans proposed the concept of a new hero - Mycena
Reddit user "cristinavidalart" presented the concept art of a new hero for Dota 2. The character was named Mycena, the gamer also created lore for him.
Silencer got on top of win rate in Dotabuff after the release of patch 7.32c
After the release of Dota 2 patch 7.32c, which was added to the game on the night of September 28, Silencer's win rate in matchmaking increased by 3.07% and amounted to 55.79%, which is the highest among all characters.
Valve fixed a vulnerability that allowed spamming group invites in Dota menu
Valve has released a patch that fixed the team invite spam issue. The vulnerability was discovered in early September. During this time, the attackers managed to prevent many Dota 2 streamers.
Team Spirit roster started bootcamp in Malaysia ahead of TI11
Team Spirit team flew to Malaysia to prepare for The International 2022. Team pos-3 player Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov posted a photo on his personal Twitter.
Ephey: True Sight continues to be the best content in eSports industry
Dota 2 commentator and analyst Mira "Ephey" Riad shared her emotions after watching True Sight dedicated to The International 2021 grand finals. She noted on Twitter that no esports content can be compared to Valve documentaries.
How to be the strongest pos-3 player: AMMAR VS SabeRLight playstyles
How to be the strongest pos-3 player: AMMAR VS SabeRLight playstyles
From time to time, we observe how Dota 2 masters exploit non-meta heroes at professional tournaments. Especially its true story about pos-3 role. Once somebody wins and everyone instantly starts apeing their playstyle, especially in low-ranking pubs. In most cases, the result of such games obviously expected. That’s the theme I’d like to discuss today. Let’s analyze the real «success recipe» of 2 virtuoso pos-3 players in Western Europe.
Let’s talk about the new Boots of Bearing
Dota 2
John Dow
September 24, 2022
Let’s talk about the new Boots of Bearing
Current Dota game style brought some new visions of heroes and items exploitation. Especially, its true sight about new items: Wraith Pact, Revenant's Broach, and Boots of Bearing. The last one is an attempt to return fast-push game manner with Beastmaster, Natures Prophet, Enigma, Chen, and Juggernaut. Maybe you still remember the five-man-push mid strategy or three-way lane with Vengeful Spirit+Dazzle+Luna combo, which ruins base in a 15-minutes border. It seems to me that long-forgotten 2013-2015 fast-push years return.
Traxex by Mi2ray cosplay
Traxex by Mi2ray cosplay
Arrow, find your target! And Mi2ray found ideal details for Drow Ranger cosplay! My quiver and bow are ready! Let the battle begin!
Marci awesome cosplay by Aigera Dunamis
Marci awesome cosplay by Aigera Dunamis
Do you survey this cyber-media artist? Effortlessly flinging friends and foes around the battlefield, she happily bounds into any brawl, able to grant allies a deadly edge and unleash a hidden power.
Dire "overcomes" Radiant win rate at TI11 quals
Playing for Dire, participants in The International 2022 Dota 2 qualifiers won an average of 7.2% more often than for Radiant. Statistical data was provided by the datDota service.
Valve artist showed heroes from pre-alpha Dota 2 version
Valve employee Dabih Eng shared a screenshot from the alpha version of Dota 2. He posted it on his Twitter page.
343 was fired as manager of Nigma Galaxy SEA
Former professional player Adam Erwann Shah "343" bin Akhtar Hussein has announced in Twitter that he was fired as manager of Asian team World Nigma Galaxy SEA.
Heroes that are better to avoid in patch 7.32b
Heroes that are better to avoid in patch 7.32b
Each patch has widespread but sometimes frankly weak heroes. Perhaps the popularity of such heroes is due to the new mechanics or some small buff. However, the result is always the same: players continue to play these heroes, losing MMR to themselves and their team. Today we will discuss the leading contenders for the black list of heroes.
Why won't the prize pool of this TI break the record?
Why won't the prize pool of this TI break the record?
The International is a Dota 2 tournament that millions of fans around the world are waiting for every year. For a whole year, esports fans have been looking forward to seeing the best Dota 2 teams on the planet compete. From the very beginning, this tournament has gained the largest prize pool among all esports tournaments that have ever been held. This trend has grown every year, from TI1 from the first million dollars to TI10 - a crazy $40 million for participants. The TI10 Anniversary was a unique competition, a unique path for their Team Spirit winners, and a unique amount of prize money.