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Copenhagen Flames got victory at EDC Season 6
Best moments & highlights of the finalists of EDC Season 6 in video below. Remember that the Danes, who only a few days ago won the CCT Central Europe Series #3, are now champions for the second time in a row.
Anubis map can appear at BLAST Premier World Final 2022
BLAST Premier World Final 2022 will take place from December 14–18 in Abu Dhabi at the Etihad Arena. As part of the championship, eight teams of the season will compete for a total prize pool of $1,000,000.
FURIA.yuurih - rage from Brazil
FURIA.yuurih - rage from Brazil
"Brazilian Hall fell silent". The incredible support of thousands of fans didn't help the team from Brazil to make a "small miracle". FURIA is a pretty strong team in their region, but we won't see them in BLAST Premier: World Final 2022. We should wait until next season, when perhaps a new roster or other interesting changes will propel the team to a higher level.
Young Ninjas got the 1st place at WePlay Academy League Season 6
Spirit Academy's successful run in the competition came to an end thanks to the Swedes. They had won Group B, advanced without incident through the playoff bracket, and even defeated Young Ninjas in the upper bracket final with a 2-0 score. They did, however, lose to them at GF. How was it?
Nipl can join NaVi if team parts way with sdy
Nipl, the current NaVi Junior player, is the leading candidate to replace SDY. Together with the youth team of Born to Win, the 17-year-old Ukrainian became the champion of ROG #StandWithUkraine Cup Summer 2022, and also took third place in the WePlay Academy League Season 6.
BLAST Premier Fall Final overview for fans
The status quo-altering IEM Rio Major is over, and Outsiders has won the prized title after surprising everyone and beating them all. On November 23, the BLAST Premier Fall Final will begin. Here is all the information you need to follow the first major competition following IEM Rio.
blameF became the strongest player at Elisa Masters Espoo 2022
More than 30 Bo1 matches were shown over the course of the past two days while Elisa Masters Espoo was in full flow. The group stage is now over since one specific name was included throughout. It is Benjamin "blameF" Bremer.
Fnatic beat BIG and became Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 champions
In the group stage, Fnatic won four out of five matches and guaranteed a place in the semi-finals of the tournament. BIG advanced to the playoffs in third place. En route to the finals, Fnatic defeated Astralis and BIG defeated 500 and Sprout.
S1mple: “Clouds” over the winners
S1mple: “Clouds” over the winners
Who could imagine? Natus Vincere lost to Cloud9 in the second round of the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022 CS:GO. The match on Mirage ended with the score 14:16. For the team of Denis "electroNic" Sharipov, this was the crucial defeat after which Ukrainians didn't manage with Brazilians from Furia.
T-side CS:GO skins
John Dow
November 21, 2022
T-side CS:GO skins
Perhaps only in CS:GO the enemies you're attempting to defeat not immediately relate to the concept of "bad guys". The main goal of CS:GO is to show the confrontation between the two teams, which are the side of special forces and terrorists. Today we will tell you a few facts about terrorist organizations in CS:GO, their skins and models.
Furia.fe vs Mibr.fe - ESL Impact League Season 2
Furia.fe vs Mibr.fe - ESL Impact League Season 2
The match for the title of the best South American women's organization. Are the girls playing head-to-head with the men? Read about all of this in our brief review of the Furia.fe vs Mibr.fe match at ESL Impact League Season 2.
I’ll start playing again if it requires: interview with S0TF1K
I’ll start playing again if it requires: interview with S0TF1K
Present-day Team Spirit are playing very confidently. Behind the cool game of teenagers is an adult and experienced captain, but relations with the current team were difficult at first. S0TF1K tells how he got into the organization, left, and returned again to start doing what he enjoyed the most.
Complexity vs. Isurus - road to Rio Major 2022
Complexity vs. Isurus - road to Rio Major 2022
Complexity Gaming defeated Isurus Gaming in the IEM Rio Major 2022: American RMR CS:GO match. Isurus Gaming lost its chances to earn a slot in the majors. Explosive pop-ups Isurus eclipsed Complexity Gaming? Is the Argentine lineup gaining momentum? Find the answers to these questions in our overview.
MOUZ NXT eliminated out WePlay Academy League Season 6
Due to their lack of victories, MOUZ NXT were the first team to be eliminated during the elimination round. The European team found it difficult to get anything going during the playoffs. Then they lost heartbreakingly 1-2 to Spirit Academy in the first round to be demoted to the lower bracket, and they were eliminated from the tournament after being reverse-swept by NaVi Junior.
Fnatic beat Astralis and reached the Grand Final of Elisa Masters Espoo 2022
After making through the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals in 2019, Fnatic has advanced to the Finnish competition's Grand Final. This is Fnatic's first appearance at the competition's pinnacle. To compete for the $100,000 cash prize and a place in the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In, the worldwide roster will take versus BIG.