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Team Vitality beat FaZe Clan and NaVi lost to Cloud9 at IEM Rio Major 2022
By defeating FaZe 16-6 on Inferno, Vitality have bounced back from their triple-overtime defeat to Natus Vincere on the first day of the IEM Rio Major Legends Stage, leaving the PGL Major Antwerp champions on the verge of elimination only one day into their title-defending campaign.
Team Spirit lost to FURIA and ENCE beat BNE at IEM Rio Major 2022
By overcoming a sluggish start against the Russian team and capitalizing on the energy of Brazilian fans to squeeze out a 16-13 victory on Mirage, FURIA has guaranteed themselves an essential victory in the 1-0 pool against Spirit. The Brazilian squad is now just in one victory to secure a home-field playoff berth.
Team Spirit and MOUZ earned first victory points at IEM Rio Major 2022
The Major has resumed after a day of rest with the commencement of the Legends Stage. MOUZ defeated Liquid 16-2 on Inferno, carrying on their excellent performance from the immaculate Challengers Stage victory. The only participant from North America is now in the 0-1 pool and will try to regroup before their second test later in the day.
NaVi beat Vitality and Heroic defeat Outsiders at IEM Rio Major 2022
“S1mple” in the clash of the titans, defeated Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. In the second round, Cloud9 will face Natus Vincere regardless of other outcomes, setting up their first meeting of the year, while FaZe and Vitality will face off in the 0-1 matchup.
Cloud9 defeated FaZe Clan and BIG beat Sprout at IEM Rio Major 2022
FaZe's Major championship got off to a bad start when they allowed Cloud9 to take a sizable CT side advantage. The Russian team played an outstanding defensive comeback on Overpass (16-14) to win the map, earn their first best-of-one victory in the competition, and join the 1-0 club.
woxic left Eternal Fire roster
Woxic is over, long-live woxic! Woxic has made it known that he wants to play for an international team once again. He has experience playing for teams like Cloud9, HellRaisers, and MOUZ. The departure of woxic was the third line-up change for Eternal Fire in the last month. Earlier, MAJ3R and paz, as well as coach hardstyle left the team.
Cloud9 got slot to the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
Cloud9 and GamerLegion played a "win or go home" match, with one team going into the Challengers Stage with a 0-2 record and the other with a 2-0 record. With everything on the line, Cloud9 were successful in winning and moving on to the Legends stage.
Fnatic earned the last slot to the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
The road taken by William "mezii" Merriman and his team to the Legends Stage got off to a strong start with victories against OG and Cloud9. 9z finished the Challengers Stage with a 2-3 record. During their brave campaign, they beat BIG, GamerLegion, and Fnatic in front of cheering fans. They also beat Imperial and Evil Geniuses.
FURIA Esports advanced to the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
The Brazilian squad has made sure that at least one regional Chad would be there when the Major's top-16 round begins. The win is especially important for Andrei "arT" Piovezan's team because they are the only all-Brazilian team left in the Major after Imperial and 00NATION dropped out on Tuesday after losing to Cloud9 and IHC.
Team Vitality beat Grayhound at IEM Rio Major 2022
With a 1-3 score, Grayhound is returning home from Rio de Janeiro. The team surprised Cloud9 on the first day of Rio, sending them to the 0-2 pool. However, they couldn't keep up that level of play in their other games, and in all but one of them, they didn't score more than 10 points. The Legends Stage is currently only one series away for Vitality.
Cloud9 eliminated Evil Geniuses out of IEM Rio Major 2022
Cloud9 have returned to their signature style after surviving the second round of elimination by defeating the Evil Genius team at the Challengers Stage. Following overtime defeats to Fnatic and Grayhound, the Russian team's tournament run got off to a bumpy start. Dmitry Sokolov's outstanding performances were so-so to win the best-of-one matches.
00Nation lost to IHC and left IEM Rio Major 2022
On two separate occasions, the Mongolians blocked the Brazilians' magnificent comeback attempts. IHC won the series 2-1 against 00NATION, which had some of the most exciting CS:GO games. After Coldzera's death, Imperial eSports consoles him.
Mouz advanced to the "Legends' stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
MOUZ have had trouble finding a consistent rhythm, with strong performances here and at the EPL being countered by weak ones at the RMR and the ESLCS Rotterdam. Regardless, dexter's team excelled under pressure and made a strong case for a spot on the Legends Stage at one of the year's biggest events.
S1mple - old&young: comprehensive analysis
S1mple - old&young: comprehensive analysis
S1mple is considered one of the strongest CS:GO players in the world. He was banned by ESL in February 2014 for using cheats and trying to bypass the ban. Exactly two years later, the player was officially unbanned. However, then his career could end, but life punched him into the top of CS:GO competitive scene. How was it?
16:9 vs 4:3: what is better in CS:GO
John Dow
November 02, 2022
16:9 vs 4:3: what is better in CS:GO
Did you remember how we play CS 1.6 with 4:3 resolution in 2010'? I was winning the 1x1's lot more and much easier. While the arguments in favor of 16:9 won't lead players to change their gaming settings for CS:GO, we'll at least try to figure out why there is so much controversy between gamers on this "land".