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T1 will face Talon eSprots at TI11 SEA quals Grand Final
T1 defeated RSG in the semi-finals of the upper bracket of the regional qualifier for The International 2022 Dota 2 for Southeast Asia. The match ended with the score 2:0. The team of Carlo "Kuku" Palada's reached the finals of the upper bracket, where on September 16 they will fight with Talon Esports for reaching the grand finals of the qualifiers.
First appearances of Primal Beast in Competitive Dota
First appearances of Primal Beast in Competitive Dota
On August 23, Valve released a new patch - 7.32. In this patch, the Primal Beast hero has been added to Captains mode, which means he is now available for selection in the competitive scene. Since the patch was released during the Riyadh Masters 2022, some teams dared to try it in their matches. At that moment, Doters only chose Primal Beast for the third position, that is, he could not even be flexed on lanes. Due to the lack of experience with the hero, the teams did not want to risk relegation from the tournament, so his pick rate was meager. Only the Nigma Galaxy team, namely MinD_ContRol, took more often than others, which did not help his team go far in the tournament.
Lil's results at EEU qualifiers
Lil's results at EEU qualifiers
Ilya Ilyuk, better known under the nickname Lil in Dota 2. Ilya has been playing on the professional stage since 2014, he is a well-known media player who has played in many squads during his career, from the most high-profile and memorable Virtus.Pro (2016-2018) and Natus Vincere (2018). It is believed that Lil had the peak of his career in Virtus.Pro, because this roster was nicknamed "golden" in the community. At that time, Ilyuk showed himself with toxic statements in the direction of his opponents. After Lil moved to Natus Vincere, the team's results deteriorated significantly, which was a complete failure for the player.
Top 3 mid-players of TI11 quals
Top 3 mid-players of TI11 quals
This week, open qualifiers have started in most regions of our planet for the most coveted slot in Singapore. Dozens of teams from each region compete against each other for the TI11 slot. Today we will analyze the most talented and stable mid-players from the teams fighting to get into TI. In this article, we tried to select the strongest mid-players, individually and as team players. Well, let's cut to the chase!
Western Europe Qualifier: who will hit the jackpot and go to TI11
Western Europe Qualifier: who will hit the jackpot and go to TI11
In these qualifiers, Western Europe represents 12 teams: Nigma Galaxy, Team Bald Reborn, goonsquad, DGG Esports, Brame, Water Rune Enjoyers, IVY, Alliance, Into The Breach, Entity, Team Secret, and Team Liquid. They will meet in battle in Bo3 and grand final Bo5.
Dota 2 fans found a bug with a double MMR bet
One of the Battle Pass rewards, the Double Rating Bet Token, only works if you lose. Reddit users are complaining about the problem en masse. A user named noodlesfordaddy reminded the developers that part of the Battle Pass 2022 functionality does not work in the game. He collected several threads on Reddit complaining about the incorrect operation of the double rating bet tokens, and also provided a link to the Double Down bug report on Github.
Meepo was picked in the TI11 SEA qualifiers
Nigma Galaxy SEA team took Meepo in the match against XERXIA as part of the qualifiers for Southeast Asia at The International 2022 in Dota 2. This turned out to be the character's first draft appearance in the pro scene in patch 7.32.
N0tail: Team Spirit could fail at TI11
Two-time TI champion Johan "n0tail' Sundstein talked about the favorites of the upcoming Dota 2 World Championship. In the Monkey Business podcast, he suggested which of the three PSG.LGD, OG, and Team Spirit might not enter the top 6 at The International 2022.
TI11 quals player drank beer during the official match
Spectators of the qualifiers Southeast Asia at The International 2022 Dota 2 drew attention to this amazing moment. Lilgun team member Altanginjiin x123 Bilguun drank beer right during the series against Army Geniuses.
Ana once again sold core artifact by mistake in pro match
There was a funny moment in the T1 match against Execration as part of the qualifiers for The International 2022 Dota 2. On the second map, the T1 carry Anathan "ana" Pham accidentally sold Satanic.
Fans criticized PGL for the hogwash quality of broadcasting TI11 quals
Dota 2 fans were dissatisfied with the quality of the English-language broadcast of the first day of the European qualifiers for The International 2022. Most of the complaints are related to the technical aspect of the broadcasts. In the course of September 13, about a dozen posts were published on Reddit in which users criticized PGL for organizing broadcasts.
Entity beat Alliance at TI11 Western Europe quals
Entity defeated Alliance in the quarterfinals of the upper bracket of the qualification for The International 2022 Dota 2 for Europe. The meeting ended with a score 2:0. In the next round, Dmitry "Fishman" Polishchuk's team will face Team Secret. The confrontation is scheduled for September 15. Alliance fell to the lower bracket, where they will play with Team Bald Reborn in a relegation match.
Arme Geniuses took support Faceless Void twice at TI11 WE quals
Army Geniuses team prepared an unusual strategy for the qualifiers for The International 2022 in Dota 2. The team from Southeast Asia took Faceless Void as a position four support twice in the series against Lilgun and won in both cases.
Ceb goes "wiggle-wiggle" to make Stonks!
Dota 2
John Dow
September 13, 2022
Ceb goes "wiggle-wiggle" to make Stonks!
Ceb promised to assemble a team for next season if viewers donate $100,000 on charity streams.
Who is your favorite Moon's daughter?
Who is your favorite Moon's daughter?
Your Priestess has arrived! Mirana and Mount, attending.