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Ex-NaVi CS:GO player bet on France and lost 4500$ cause "Mbappe has the same birthday date"
Kirill Mikhailov, also known as BoombI4, was removed from the Natus Vincere roster following the PGL Major Antwerp, the first major CS:GO tournament in 2022. On it, the NaVi team led by Mikhailov took second place, losing to FaZe Clan in the final.
Buster and Boombl4 team left PARI PATRIKI VIBE LAN
BEBRA team lost to GoodJob in the final match of Group A at PARI PATRIKI VIBE LAN in CS:GO. The match ended with a score of 0:2 - 3:16 on Nuke and 7:16 on Inferno. The team of Vyacheslav "Buster" Leontiev ended their performance at the tournament.