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Ex-Virtus.pro CEO said that players got 10,000-20,000$ salaries per month at their peak
The club's Dota 2 roster no longer shows the results on the competitive scene, so the club's salaries are far from the 2019-2020 limits. At The International 2022, the team even failed LCQ.
Dota 2 players earn more than their "colleagues" from other eSports disciplines
More than half of this amount was formed by the prize fund of The International 2022, which amounted to $18.9 million. Also, at the Top of the games are: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - $113 154 882, Fortnite - $93 401 183, League of Legends - $91 642 851 and PUBG Mobile - $65 115 571.
How much Tier 2 Dota orgs and players earn
How much Tier 2 Dota orgs and players earn
Howdy guys! We all remember the beautiful stories about the golden times of Virtus. Pro, when there were salaries of $15-20 thousand, it was a good goal. A good Tier 2 Dota roster could cost 3-5k $. Players often quarreled among themselves every six months. No one cares ab money. But that time goes deep down, and current professional organizations launch KPIs to count each player's impact. Alexey "Magician" Slabukhin, the former CEO of the HellRaisers, tried to answer the question ab the earnings of Dota 2 orgs.