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Apeks qualified to CCT Central Europe Series 4
After being away from the server for two months, Apeks came back and won three straight series in a closed qualification to get into the CCT Central Europe Series 4.
Evil Geniuses renamed 2x CS:GO rosters
Evil Geniuses esports club has approved new tags for two CS:GO rosters. Now the teams that previously bore the names EG.PA and EG.CD will perform as EG White and EG Black, respectively.
EG introduced 2 rosters at Fragadelphia 17 tour
North American organization Evil Geniuses announced two of its CS:GO rosters for the Fragadelphia 17 tournament, Dust2.us reported. Evil Geniuses CD and Evil Geniuses PA will play at the championship. Such rosters as Apeks, BIG Academy and Strife Esports are also announced for the competition.