Everything truly about IEM Rio Major 2022 and popular eSport games in details

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Astralis plans to sign Staehr and Farlig to their roster
Astralis is interested in signing Sprout player Viktor "Staehr" Stehr. This became known to the portal Jaxon.gg.
Team Spirit defeated Cloud9 and advanced to the IEM Rio Major 2022
Team Spirit beat Cloud9 in the revenge match at IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A in CS:GO. The mathc ended with the score of 2:1. The team of Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov took fourth place in the overall standings and earned a quota for the "legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022.
Eternal Fire captain left the team after failing to qualify for IEM Rio Major 2022
Turkish organization Eternal Fire in their social networks announced the end of cooperation with the captain of the squad, Enzhin "MAJ3R" Kupeli. The 31-year-old esportsman leaves the team three months after signing the contract.