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Pimp: Trace didn't have optimal working conditions with Astralis
Professional CS:GO analyst Jakob "Pimp" Vinneche took to Twitter to comment on Astralis' decision to part ways with coach Martin "trace" Heldt. He noted that despite the lack of noticeable progress of the team, the specialist did not have optimal working conditions.
Pimp: k0nfig drop would be a big problem for Astralis
Professional CS:GO analyst Jakob "Pimp" Vinneche commented on the parting of Astralis with Christian "k0nfig" Vinecke during the broadcast on his Twitch channel. He considers the right decision of the club to stop cooperation with the esportsman who participated in the fight and was seriously injured there, but at the same time, he is sure that it will be difficult for the Danes to find an equivalent replacement for the player.