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Valve updated the rules of RMR tournaments
After IEM Rio Major 2022 concluded in November, Valve revealed its desire to overhaul the invitation system for RMR competitions. These first adjustments to the qualifying format were made as a result.
Aleksib shared his first impressions after transfer to NIP
The new NIP captain Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen in an interview with the club's YouTube channel commented on his joining the Scandinavian squad. The Finnish player believes that his signing will allow the Ninjas to freshen up the roster.
ForZe roster reached the RMR Malta
The forZe team in full force arrived in Malta, where the RMR for IEM Rio Major 2022 CS:GO will take place. The photo of the team was published on the official pages of the club in social networks.
FalleN donates 2500$ to O-Plano team for RMR bootcamp
Imperial Esports captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo helped the Brazilian roster O-Plano raise money for a bootcamp before the RMR for the IEM Rio Major 2022 CS:GO. Cybersportsman and representatives of O Plano spoke about this in social networks.