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TI11 winner made "pee" to the water bottle during DPC match
It is noteworthy that the pause was 6 minutes 43 seconds, while the team finished the map even faster - after 4 minutes 22 seconds. That is, Tundra could finish the game in order to let Lepko go to the toilet faster.
Esportearnings disclosed the net profit of Tundra eSports
According to the Esports Earnings database, Tundra Esports players took home a little over $1.7 million in prize money in 2022, taking the top spot.
Virgil van Dijk – chief Ambassador of Team Tundra
Virgil van Dijk – chief Ambassador of Team Tundra
A completely new and unexpected collaboration in international eSports. The famous Dutch football player has become an emissary of Tundra Esports. To my mind, each eSport must collaborate to promote its product and generate industry interest in the project they are promoting. Today we will talk about the loudest of them, as you guessed with the title.