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Russian CS:GO club broke ESL rules and showed IEM Major 2022 champions cup in Moscow
We will remind you that due to the war in Ukraine, sanctions were imposed on the Russian club All of the major tournament organizers have rules that a CS:GO team can only play under a neutral flag and name, and they can't promote VP sponsors.
Jame CS:GO profile: big ambitions behind hidden emotions
Jame CS:GO profile: big ambitions behind hidden emotions
One of the top AWPERs in the CIS CS:GO scene. The Master of Saves - Dzhami Ali, champion of IEM Rio Major 2022. What does the biography of a player with inhuman patience hide? In this article, has prepared the story of the captain of OUTSIDERS - Jame.
Professional CS:GO player from Russia got "Crazy chicken killer" medal from BLAST
It is noteworthy that the Outsiders held only two series at BLAST Premier World Final 2022, losing to Team Liquid and G2 Esports. Danielyan's roster took 7th-8th place and received $15,000 in prize money. CEO said that players got 10,000-20,000$ salaries per month at their peak
The club's Dota 2 roster no longer shows the results on the competitive scene, so the club's salaries are far from the 2019-2020 limits. At The International 2022, the team even failed LCQ. announced a new Dota 2 squad
The combination of less well-recognized core players with more seasoned colleagues within the club has always been the cornerstone of potential future success.